10 Of The Craziest Things Artificial Intelligence Can Do

10 Of The Craziest Things Artificial Intelligence Can Do

10 Of The Craziest Things Artificial Intelligence Can Do

10 Of The Craziest Things Artificial Intelligence Can Do: Recently, two very important bigwigs of the technology world have discussed the subject of the moment in the sector: artificial intelligence. Check out the Artificial Intelligence course to understand AI better. In the debate done both through postings and videos on the Internet, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk made clear their defensive positions on the subject. The former believes in an optimistic future for AI, while the latter doesn’t hide its negative view on the subject.

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The question that does not want to be silent, is it really time to worry about the collision that such technology can have – for good or ill – on humans? To answer this, we think it might be a good idea to analyze the potential of AI through what it is already capable of doing.

10 Of The Craziest Things Artificial Intelligence Can Do

With this in mind, we have listed some examples that give a taste of the current power of intelligent computers. Check out the material and try not to be scared if they are beyond what you consider science fiction:

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1) Reviews

Nowadays, many companies depend on their reviews on internet platforms, such as Google Maps, TripAdvisor or Facebook, so that their fame brings more customers. For now, there is an artificial intelligence capable of writing evaluations in restaurants, snack bars, and other places.

The texts are impressively well written, but they are certainly fake. This is done by the owners of these trades to expand the number of reviews on the establishment on these platforms and attract more customers, which is a rather deceptive practice.

2) Write books

Literature is one of the most beautiful things that is produced by humans and reaches many people and delights most of them. But what if the robots started writing books out there? Tired of waiting for the continuation of the series of books “The Chronicles of Ice and Fire”, where the “Game of Thrones” series came out, software engineer Zack Thoutt decided to develop an AI to write the sixth book. The result is extraordinary!

3) Editing Videos

Video editions of sports matches are rather boring to do and it is not necessarily an activity that carries a personality of its own, being more of a mechanical job. So, nothing better than putting a computer with artificial intelligence to perform the unpleasant task, more especially IBM’s Watson system, which has trained with US Open tennis matches.

4) Making Songs

Artist Taryn Southern has decided to create an entire album using artificial intelligence software to compose her songs called “I AM AI”. So, your album could be the next thing that can be written entirely by AI

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5) Fashion items

The Amazon may at some time, take the place of the big fashion brands with its artificial intelligence technology called Generative Adversarial Network, which is able to draw fashion objects just by observing samples of a specific style, seeking the upcoming fashion trends.

6) Recognize voices

Voice recognition is already a very old technology, which does not mean it still doesn’t need to improve enough to work with greater accuracy. Clearly, we have finally reached a point where this feature can be equal to or better than the identification we humans make of spoken words – at least in a literal way. AI is already recognizing voices more accurately compared to humans.

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7) Are You Lying?

The AI is being developed by Silver Logic Labs and can figure out whether or not someone is lying just looking at the image of your face and analyzing characteristics that indicate the emotional state of the person.

8) Take a nap

In order for your artificial intelligence system to have a learning method a little closer to humans, Google has taught its AI platform to take naps. Exactly: DeepMind, the company’s artificial cognition project, goes to sleep so you can learn more about your dreams and even solve problems you were not able to do while awake.

9) Create your own language

Facebook’s artificial intelligence has left developers a little worried after having created their own language to communicate in a way that they found more practical than programmed. Dribbling some “obstacles” of the language that should use, the system ended up being deactivated by the company.

10) Know if you are dreaming

The sleep monitoring system created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) identifies radio waves that a person emits during sleep and is able to know whether or not she is dreaming according to brain activities. The idea is to treat various sleep diseases that can affect the human being, but it is a little scary to know that you have an AI practically reading your mind while you sleep.

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These are some examples that give a taste of the current power of intelligent computers. What do you think about this? Discuss in comments below.

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