5 Best Apps To Hide Photos & Videos On Android

5 Best Apps To Hide Photos & Videos On Android

5 Best Apps To Hide Photos & Videos On Android

5 Best Apps To Hide Photos & Videos On Android: We must admit that our personal life is now wrapped up in the smartphone that we carry in our pockets. We use our smartphone for various different things like capturing photos & videos and playing games. However, have you ever wondered what if your phone accidentally fall into wrong hands?

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If you take a look at Google Play Store, you will find lots of apps that claim to hide your personal photos and videos from the Gallery. However, not all of those apps are useful. Therefore, we have decided to list the 5 best photos and video hider apps on Android.

5 Best Apps To Hide Photos & Videos On Android

1) KeepSafe Photo Vault

This is one of the most famous Android apps that you can use to hide your private photos or videos. This app is now used by many users and it had already received lots of positive comments on Google Play Store.

KeepSafe Photo Vault actually provides a user the usual PIN, Pattern, and fingerprint authentication option to use it while unlocking the Keepsafe vault.

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2) Hide Something

Hide Something - Photo, Video
Hide Something - Photo, Video
Developer: COLIFER LAB
Price: Free+

If you are looking for a simple app that can hide photos and videos on your Android device, you should choose to Hide Something app. With Hide Something Android app, you can protect your photos and video files from inquisitive users via PIN, password or the fingerprint sensor.

3) Private Zone

This is a multi-purpose app and it does more than just hiding your photos and videos. The app actually provides lots of features like Private VPN service, custom lock screen app and more.

You can use Private Zone Android app to guard your private photos, videos or apps. You will also get a RAM manager with Private Zone which will help you to optimize the apps for better performance.

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4) Gallery Vault

The Gallery Vault app is one of the most used apps for photo and video hiding. With Gallery Vault you can quickly hide and encrypt your photos & videos and any other files at ease.

The app also features an elegant interface which doesn’t make things complicated. You can also find some more security feature like shake to lock, break-in alerts, fingerprint authentication and much more.

5) LockMyPix

If you are looking for an Android app that provides military-grade AES encryption then you should go with LockMyPix. The app enables you to encrypt your photos and videos directly from the home screen. You just need to click on the pictures that you want to hide to add them the vault.

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These are the five best apps to hide Photos and Videos from your Android smartphone. Hope this article helped you share it as much as possible.

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