Android Root – How To Root Your Device In Just One Click Via Kingo Root

Android Root - How To Root Your Device In Just One Click Via Kingo Root

Android Root – How To Root Your Device In Just One Click Via Kingo Root

In the world of Android, we have superuser privileges that give you the possibility to do absolutely everything you want to do with your Android device, the process with which we can obtain these permissions simply known as root. However sometimes the rooting process becomes a complicated task, but today we come to show you a tool that simplifies all this process and makes it by just clicking a button you can get your Android rooted. This tool is known as Kingo Root and now we will explain how it works.

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If you are rooting for the first time then simply we recommend that you take a look at the basic things about Android Root. On the other hand, remember that doing root is a dangerous process that can cause the loss of all the data on your smartphone, so do not hesitate to make a backup of your device. If you want then you can search for backup tools which are available online.

Performing Android Root

First of all, we must download the tool from the link that we left at the end of the article. During the installation process we must pay a little attention as this application is financed through advertising and will try to sneak some installation through the installation process, so, do not worry since it is easy to refuse the installation of these unnecessary components, simply you have to read a little.

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Once we have successfully installed the application we must perform a series of steps common to all devices:-

(1) Start the application and connect your device with the USB debugging mode enabled.

(2) To activate the USB debugging mode simply you have to go to developer options, which usually remain hidden.

(3) So, to unlock the developer option, simply go to “setting” of your device and then go to “about phone” and then simply tap 7 times on the text “Build Number” (Your build number may vary).

(4) Now after completing the above step, simply “check” or “activate” the USB debugging mode. 

(5) Now have your device drivers properly installed so that the computer automatically installs the device in USB debug mode and then simply connect your device after opening the Kingo Root tool in your computer or laptop.

(6) After this, the tool will recognize the device you have installed and if you meet the requirements will simply activate an orange button that says ROOT, press this button and start the method ‘Android Root’.

The good thing about this application is that it recognizes the device that you have connected and it detects which is the correct method of root for that specific device, for example, for a device Samsung it realizes the root through the download mode and with the help of the application Odin. If for some reason you need to perform some action during the process, the application informs you step by step perfectly what to do.

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At the end of the process, we will have rooted our device and ready to enjoy the advantages of having superuser on Android.

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Click here to download the Kingo Root software.

(Note: Rooting your device will void your device warranty from both carrier and manufacturer. This tutorial is for educational purpose, hence, Tech Caption will be not responsible for any damage or brick of your device during Rooting).

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