Top 3 Best Battery Indicator Apps For Your Android

Top 3 Best Battery Indicator Apps For Your Android

Top 3 Best Battery Indicator Apps For Your Android

Top 3 Best Battery Indicator Apps For Your Android: Without any hesitation. the most common complaints from smartphone users are about the lack of battery life. If you own an Android or iPhone, you probably will not leave home any longer without carrying a power bank or charger together.

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Let’s just talk about Android today, what about having a battery indicator? Well, having a battery indicator will help you to save some battery. Since, battery percent goes unnoticed on your Android, having a good-looking battery indicator will remind us about our battery status.

Having a battery indicator will also help you to choose when to charge and when to not. So, here are the three best battery indicator apps for your Android smartphone

1) Battery Bot

Battery bot looks very normal and it’s a lightweight application. The Battery Bot Android app is now used by many users. Apart from showing the battery percent, it also shows you the remaining time and some additional information regarding your battery status.

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2) Energy Bar

Energy Bar - A pulsating Battery indicator!
Energy Bar - A pulsating Battery indicator!

This is one of the good-looking Android apps you can have on your Android smartphone. With energy bar, you can add colorful battery indicator on your Android smartphone. Energy bar adds a colorful battery indicator on the top of your Android screen right above the status bar.

3) Battery Indicator

Battery Indicator
Battery Indicator
Developer: Fulmine Software
Price: Free

If you are looking for a free and easy to use Android app that can monitor your battery level, then you should install Battery Indicator. The app brings a big colored battery icon which can be used as a widget on your Android’s home screen. It also shows some additional information like battery temperature, voltage and even what’s draining your battery.

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These are three best battery indicator app for your Android smartphone. Hope this article helped you share it as much as possible.

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