OMG! Facebook Leaked Data Of 87 Million Users

OMG! Facebook Leaked Data Of 87 Million Users

OMG! Facebook Leaked Data Of 87 Million Users

So far we thought that the Cambridge Analytica scandal had affected 50 million users, but in the two weeks that have passed since the news was made public, the social network giant Facebook has had time to analyze carefully all the information of what happened. The social network of Mark Zuckerberg promised to study the case thoroughly, and today he has released a statement to inform that the Cambridge Analytica scandal had affected 87 million people.

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In case you do not know what exactly happened, two weeks ago it was revealed that Cambridge Analytica, a political marketing consultancy linked to President Donald Trump’s campaign, used a malicious Facebook application to obtain information from users.

According to the initial data, although the app was used by only around 270,000 people, this allowed the company to create the profile of up to 87 million users, which the social network giant Facebook confirmed today is mainly residents of the North American country. The allegedly obtained private information was used with the objective of manipulating voters to influence the outcome of the US presidential election in 2016.

After discovering the massive filtering of Facebook data, there have been many people who have considered deleting their account due to the #DeleteFacebook movement, or limiting the amount of data it provides to the platform. The scandal has led the social network to experience the worst crisis in its history, the reason why Mark Zuckerberg apologized, said he would thoroughly investigate the event and said he would learn what happened to make the platform more secure.

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In the statement released today by the company, Mike Schroepfer, the social network giant Facebook’s director of technology, details the nine changes that will be implemented in the coming days. Among them is the new application control that will be launched on April 9, which is a link at the top of the news where users can see what applications they use and the information they have shared with them, as well as eliminate those that you no longer want to use. “As part of this process, we will also let people know if their information may have been shared incorrectly with Cambridge Analytica.”

In addition, the platform will also carry out adjustments to the event APIs, page groups, and Instagram, at the start of the session, in the search and recovery of the account, in the history of calls and messages, and in the data providers and the category of partners.

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