Here’s Why You Should Never Sleep Near Your Mobile

Here's Why You Should Never Sleep Near Your Mobile

Here’s Why You Should Never Sleep Near Your Mobile

Here’s Why You Should Never Sleep Near Your Mobile: We must admit, everyone keeps their phone next to the bed before going off to sleep. However, you might know that these things can have the great impact on your health. At the same time, we should also agree to the fact that our mind works better at night and in the morning.

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Recent studies have found that almost 60% of smartphone users sleep with their phone next to the head. So, if you also doing the same thing, then you need to skip this habit. Experts have warned that sleeping near the smartphone for a long run might cause cancer.

Well, according to the reports from California Department of Public Health, the dangers of electromagnetic radiation that are emitted by smartphones are really very high. The department suggests people should avoid excessive use of smartphones.

California Department of Public Health’s director Dr. Karen Smith said “Although science is still evolving, there are concerns among some public health professionals and the general user about prolonged exposure and high use of energy emitted by mobile phones”

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The warning came because of the findings that were revealed last week on a 2009 document, which was issued after an order from the Sacramento Superior Court. Almost a year ago, UC Berkeley professor Joel Moskowitz had inducted a demand which forces the department to disclose the findings after examining that the excessive use of the smartphone can cause tumors.

Joel Moskowitz at KRCA news station said “Mobile manufacturers want you to keep the devices at a safe distance from your body, and you should know that distance. If you keep the phone close to your body, you will exceed the safety limits provided by the FCC”

So, what does the California Department of Public Health recommends? Well, they recommend that user shouldn’t keep their phone in the pocket, users shouldn’t put the phone near the ear for a long time, users shouldn’t sleep with or near the phone and they shouldn’t use the phone in the public transport because it can emit extra energy to capture the signal in the moving environment.

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These are the health consequences that you might face if you use your phone for a prolonged period of time. So, are you going to follow all the recommendations? Discuss with us in the comments below.

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