iPhone 7 Owners Fooled Into Drilling Hole In Their Phones

iPhone 7 Owners Fooled Into Drilling Hole In Their Phones

iPhone 7 Owners Fooled Into Drilling Hole In Their Phones

The ‘grace’ that the ‘YouTuber’ TechRax has published is causing dozens of users to be ripping apart their iPhone 7, a high-end phone that costs about 750 dollars (the cheapest).

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TechRax last day hung a tutorial on his YouTube channel which explains, step by step, how to drill the bottom area of the smartphone with a 3.5 millimeter drill bit to a depth of 14 millimeters, where supposedly there is a connector, to plug in the headphones and listen to music or videos in the usual way.

The experiment works to connect the headphones … but it actually destroys the iPhone 7, as it could not be otherwise. However, in the TechRax video shows how, according to him, it works normally.

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The video, which in less than a week is about to exceed one million views, has more than 136,000 ‘ likes’ and more than 88,000 ‘dislikes’. It also has the commentary of allegedly angry users for having followed the tutorial and having destroyed their iPhone 7. There is even one that assures that it will denounce the ‘YouTuber’.

But those who follow TechRax know that it is funny that shows tutorials on what happens if you electrocute your iPhone 6 plus with an electric shock gun (better known as taser gun) or if you put dry ice in the iPhone 6 plus.


“Thanks for making me destroy my new $ 750 iPhone 7 in the trash. Thanks,” said one of the comments to the video posted on Youtube. “Do not try it, my iPhone stopped working soon after performing it and I can not hear any music,” warned another. I do not know if, with innocence or Hubbard, another one published: “I just did it, but nothing is heard through the headphones. I used exactly one 3.5mm bit, but the connector does not fit well in the hole for some reason Do I have to change any settings?”.

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In the end, other users scoffed at whoever was performing the operation with comments like “More than 87,573 idiots have just drilled their iPhone 7. It’s awesome”, “Attention! Only for Apple users, Android users have brains and do not try” or one of the last: “People are so stupid I do not know whether to laugh or cry.”

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