5 Best Productivity Apps For Your Mobile Phone

5 Best Productivity Apps For Your Mobile Phone

5 Best Productivity Apps For Your Mobile Phone

Whether you are having problems with remembering stuff, document management or being focused, there are many productivity apps that can help us. Instead of using your mobile phone only for checking out the Instagram or playing games, you might want to learn about other great features that some apps have to offer.

The most useful apps that are on the market today are marked as productivity apps. They help us save time and effort, simply by using them. Maybe it is just the right time to let your smartphones become really smart.

Check Out the List of 5 Best Productivity Apps that Phones have to Offer:-

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1) Wunderlist

How many times has someone recommended you the movie you should watch and you forgot the name of the movie next day? Well, it can be really annoying to forget things. To avoid that you should start making your to-do lists with Wunderlist app. This app allows you to make your “movies to watch list”, grocery list, book list or just simple list of tasks that you need to complete today. It has a great interface, one-tap to-do list creation and much more. You can share your lists with your friends or family and leave comments. The one great thing about the app is that once you complete the task, just check the tick box and your checked task will be removed from the list. In that way, you can have a clear picture of the tasks you left undone.

Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks (Android or iOS)

2) PDF to Word Converter

We all know that numerous books, documents, and research papers are all in the PDF document format nowadays. The Portable Document Files (PDF) makes it easier to share documents between people. But when you want to make changes to a document, you’re in a pickle. PDF to Word Converter app allows you to convert PDF into Word file, where you can further edit the file as you please. This will save your effort because you won’t need to retype all those pages of documents by yourself. Even if you are the first time user of this app, the interface is very intuitive and you will convert files very easily.This app offers a great quality conversion, advanced OCR engine which allows scanned PDF to be converted as well and connection to services like Google Drive, Onedrive, iCloud Box, and DropBox.

PDF to Word Converter- Convert PDF to Word (Android or iOS)

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3) Tidy

In today’s world, when everything is too noisy, we get distracted easily. It is hard to focus and to hold attention on tasks at hand. Thanks to Tidy, we are one step closer to being focused and staying in touch with nature by listening to relaxing sounds of the ocean. Tidy is based on a couple of features. First, it keeps us focused using popular time management Pomodoro Technique, that is based on 25 minutes of work, then 5 minutes of resting. And it is combined with beautiful sounds from nature like ocean, rain or forest and with soothing backgrounds that help us be more relaxed. This app can help you improve your focus while working or studying and all that with proven time management Pomodoro Technique that increases productivity.

Tidy – Stay Focused (Android or iOS)

4) Genius Scan

Probably by now, you have heard about dozens of scanner apps. There is a reason why these apps are so popular and that is their functionality. They turn your phone into a portable scanner. The main difference between them is their scanning quality. Genius Scan app allows you to make excellent scans, no matter the angle or lighting from where you take a picture of the document. If you are scanning a document that has multiple pages, Genius Scan has an option that will make a single PDF document from multiple pictures that you take. It is connected to Cloud storages like Google Drive, Onedrive, DropBox, and others. The scanning is performed directly on your phone, without sending it to a third party service. Overall, it is one very useful scanner app.

Genius Scan – PDF Scanner (Android or iOS)

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5) Dashlane

The security, whether it is online or physical, is always one of our top issues. We have so much sensitive data in electronic forms, such as a credit card, PayPal account, and social media accounts. To keep your sensitive data protected you should use Dashlane – Password Manager app that will create strong passwords, store them and autofill in “Sign-in” forms for your apps and websites. If you have many different usernames and even more passwords, then this app will come in handy. Instead of trying to remember all your passwords, you better try to remember one master password that will let you enter your vaults of passwords. This can be your fingerprint, so only you can enter the vault. If you think that your passwords might be breached, with one click create new strong passwords and update them.

Dashlane – Password Manager (Android or iOS)

What are your favorite productivity apps? How do they help you in your day-to-day activities? Please share your thoughts with us in comments below.

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