10 Things You Should Never Do On The Internet

10 Things You Should Never Do On The Internet

10 Things You Should Never Do On The Internet

10 Things You Should Never Do On The Internet: When it comes to internet security, the first thing that strikes the mind is the use of a good firewall and an updated security solution, right? Although these are fundamental tools in the life of Internet users, there are many people out there competing with luck and making life comfortable for hackers without even recognizing it.

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10 Things You Should Never Do On The Internet

Even with such tools on your computer, it is necessary to avoid some open practices that can cost heavily later. So here’s a list of simple conditions, but they can cause a lot of difficulties for users of small and medium-sized businesses.

Open An Unknown USB Stick

Removable disks are always good for storing important files as they are at spreading malware. If you work in a company or study in a university where the use of pen drives is obvious that you ultimately find one of them lost at the tables, be careful before examining the device. You might be “injecting” a good volume of malicious files/programs into your machine.

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Announce your absence from the office

Many personalities love to post everything they do while they are united to the Internet. It is normal for corporate employees to communicate through the social network and automated emails that there is no one there right now. So if you went out for a cup of coffee, forget the automatic responses: they might be full-fledged cybercriminals eyeing your computer.

Accepting friend requests from strangers

Social networking is an entertainment park for wicked Internet users. They can use a profile picture with a cute little face to get added on your social media account. Then they can access your habits, places visited, photos, information, check-ins and more. Avoiding this problem is very easy: do not know? Do not add.

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Ingenuity in public Wi-Fi network

It’s normal to use a public wifi network to browse the Internet and read the news, check the weather, check your city’s events schedule or visit a cool site. The problem is using the public network to send sensitive data, such as your company’s financial report, to other people because there are multiple tools available on the web which lets the owner keep eye on what users are doing while connected to the wifi network.

Transferring confidential data

If you work in a company that needs attention while transferring data, then don’t carry delicate data on memory cards, or other physical drives to your home. Also, avoid the cloud to share information that is confidential. Remember: if it is private, treat the information as such by always encrypting it.

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Fall For “Click Here” Scams

You may even be thinking that this kind of old scam and that no one falls now. But the ‘click here’ still catches a lot of innocent users out there, and what’s even worse is this type of scam often redirects users to malware-ridden sites that can isolate information, use spyware files, and install malware on the computer.

The same goes for emails. So stay smart and don’t click stupid links, such as the famous “you’ve been selected,” “click here to claim the prize” or “winner.”

Using Dictionary Passwords

Is your password your date of birth? The names of your children? The name of your pet? If so, change it now. The analysis shows that 82% of users use the same passwords for multiple services. Even if you choose to use the same password for more than one service, be creative: mix characters, numbers, and lowercase letters.

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Always leave backups for later

If you’re too lazy to back up your valuable files to a physical disk or the cloud, it’s best to examine your thoughts. Spending an hour of your day to store your data in a safe place is essential. After all, you never know when your computer will be hacked, corrupted or even lost.

Download apps from non-recommended sites

Malicious apps are not uncommon. The number of mobile malware grows an aggregate of 55% every year! Avoid obnoxious shocks and theft of important information: Download your apps from reliable stores such as Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store.

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Do not protect the gadget screen

If your gadget has the password function for screen saver, use it always. Even if you leave it on the office desk, you never know the plans of whoever finds it. And if you lose your smartphone in a public place, the loss can be far higher than the amount you spent for it.

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These are the 10 things you should never do on the internet because it can cause a lot of difficulties for users of small and medium-sized businesses.

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