Top 6 Useful Apps For Your Car

Top 6 Useful Apps For Your Car

Top 6 Useful Apps For Your Car

For a driver, a competent smartphone can take the place of a GPS, radar detector, and even a DVR. The key is to select the appropriate programs to download. We discuss the most helpful ones that can locate a car in any city, check the engine, and provide a road free of traffic.

Also, these applications will help you even if you use lamborghini car rental services. Yes, of course, expensive car can have many gadgets, but what if you rent a lower class car from a rental company.

So, here is a list of useful apps for both your car and your rental car.

The navigator that “doesn’t get stupid” is the number one among the best applications for motorists. Waze reacts faster to traffic jams, police posts, and new inputs on the roads than the more popular Google Maps or Apple Maps. Another difference is that Waze provides data based on reports from drivers as well as data from its own system. Registered users are able to chat with one another and alert one another to various traffic conditions. As a result, each route is promptly updated with fresh data.


  • AutoGuard Blackbox

In principle, this is the “black box” of your car. The application allows you to record the entire driving process, including parameters such as speed and position on the map. You can use it if you want to find your friends on Google Maps and email entries. The app also allows you to record in high quality (1080p), which can be invaluable if you need to provide evidence to the police or insurance company after a traffic accident. The app also gives you quick access to emergency numbers if needed.


  • Second Pilot

Ideally, every driver should have a partner in the form of a navigator. Its main task is to warn about repair work, the presence of an accident along the way and the location of traffic police officers. But where to find such a person who is free every day? Fortunately, there are useful applications that play the role of a navigator. One of them is Second Pilot. It warns of all the problems described above that can occur on your route.

The program is the fruit of the creation of a large community, so a stable update of the database is guaranteed.


  • Parkopedia

They say that on average a parking space in major cities is vacated every 35 seconds. “Parkopedia”, no matter how wildly this name may be perceived by ear, will help you find a place. Today, Parkopedia has over 70 million parking spaces in almost 90 countries around the world. The app is not perfect, but quite useful.


  • iGasUp

Most petrol retailers have apps that you can use. How exactly do they work? Brand stores have made special signs on the application map, the signs show the places of gas stations where you can use credit cards – cashless payments, and this, you see, is very fast and convenient. But for drivers who just want to get cheap fuel and avoid bad surprises, there is an iPhone app called iGasUp. It displays the 10 nearest petrol stations and their prices.


  • Spotify

This app needs no introduction from us. Spotify is the world’s largest music streaming app. You can enjoy your favorite music, podcasts or any audio tracks online. The best feature is that it supports Android Auto, which allows you to listen to your favorite songs while driving.

You have to create a playlist of your favorite tracks, and you are all set to go. However, you may need to purchase a subscription to access all advanced features.

All these applications will help you to drive both in your own city in your car and in an unfamiliar city abroad when you are driving a rented car.

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