How To Fix OnePlus 8T Screen Display Problem

How To Fix OnePlus 8T Screen Display Problem

How To Fix OnePlus 8T Screen Display Problem

Smartphones are not always cool to use. It often annoys the users especially, when it’s Android OS. We cannot say that display issues are experienced only by Android users.

Many iOS users are claiming that the tablet or smartphone is working, but the screen is black. Even your expensive laptop display experience flickering issues.

Every gadget has some problems during its lifespan, and it might be depressing for users, purchased expensive phones like OnePlus, and experienced screen problems.

Remember those days when we carried small cell phones, which utilize primary software and hardware technology. It sounds silly, but shaking the device often solved the screen issues those times.

However, we are in an era where software and hardware are highly developed, and this technique won’t work. We indeed want to kick the phone after experiencing such annoying issues like the screen turning black or flickering.

Most smartphone users conclude that the display issue occurs due to hardware damage. However, such problems arise due to software glitches.

You can experience a screen problem or abnormal performance when settings are not accurate and not related to hardware. Every Android smartphone is equipped with a brightness sensor.

Your smartphone screen is on low brightness. So, the activities make the screen flicker. If the Android flickering issue arises after damage to the device, take the phone to a professional.

If you have purchased OnePlus 8T, then the big screen must have attracted you. The screen is the primary feature of a smartphone, and you cannot accomplish anything related to the smartphone when it doesn’t work.

In general, the problems related to the LCD panel of the device is linked with the hardware of the device. And the issues with the LCD panels can occur due to several factors, and among them, one of the most common is a weak joint with the screen connector.

While apart from this, the software issues can be solved using some simple key methods, and that’s what we are going to provide here in this article, here’s the guide to Fix the OnePlus 8T Screen Display Problem.

Fix OnePlus 8T Screen Display Problem  

OnePlus 8T display problem

Almost every smartphone these days are equipped with auto-brightness mode. It automatically changes the brightness of the screen according to the surrounding light. It also consumes too much battery power. It is better to change the screen brightness yourself other than using Auto Brightness mode. Sometimes third-party app also creates issues with the screen. You might have downloaded an app, which takes over the screen control. You can observe the device in safe mode for few minutes, then uninstall the app that can cause such problems.

OnePlus 8T Auto-Brightness

1. First of all you have to go to the “Settings” option.
2. Once there, now you have to select the Display” option.
3. Then select the Brightness” option.
4. From this stage you have to turn off the “Automatic/Adaptive brightness” option in the menu.


OnePlus 8T Safe Mode

1. In this case, you have to go to the Home screen.
2. Now to turn off the smartphone you have to hold the power button.
3. Then once again you have to hold the Power button icon.
4. Once done, now the Safe Mode will appear on the bottom of the screen.
5. After that now you have to press the ok button to confirm “Reboot to safe mode”.
6. Then in this mode, you have to uninstall the app which is obstructing the device.
7. And then you have to now Restart your smartphone to move from safe mode.

OnePlus 8T screen not turning on

There are some hidden settings on your smartphone, which you are not aware. You are not informed about these settings by the phone provider. If your phone screen flickers, then here is a solution. You can enter the developer’s option on the settings. You can profoundly customize the phone without performing any modifications. Running too many apps in the background can also cause a screen problem. You must remove all the apps running in the background before trying the developer option.

OnePlus 8T Developer Option

1. First of all you have to Go to the Setting option on your device.
2. Then you have to click on the More Tab option.
3. Now you have to select the About device option.
4. Once done the above step, now you have to search the Build number” and then you have to tap on it 7 times constantly.
5. On the successful attempt the device will prompt a message saying “You are now a developer.”.
6. Now you have to go to the Home Screen and turn on the Setting option again.
7. Then you have to select the More Tab option.
8. After that you will see “Developer Options” activated on your smartphone screen.
9. Here at this stage you have to tap on the Developer options and choose the Drawing Section or Rendering Section.
10. Once there, now you have to choose the “Turn off hardware overlays” or “Disable hardware overlays.

OnePlus 8T not switching on

Most of the users have reported that a specific section of the screen doesn’t respond. In this case, you can perform the TSP Dot method. It is capable to fix screen problems without making changes in the data. There are some secret codes, which resolve the Android smartphone issues. Every smartphone has a distinct TSP code, which is found easily via the internet. So, you have to follow these steps to fix your device display problems.

OnePlus 8T TSP Dot Mode

1. First of all you have to go to the phone dialer and then type *#1234# or *#6776# to enter the diagnostics tool menu.
2. Now you have to select the TSP Dot Mode or TSP Grid Mode to test the touch screen.
3. Then finally the TSP Dot Mode will display all the small dots on your touch screen while the TSP Grid Mode enables you to examine each spot of the display in grid overlay. 

OnePlus 8T black screen

Calibrating the screen can help smartphone users to modify the colors, brightness, and various elements of the phone’s display. It will enhance the performance of the display and offer precise intensity for the screen. You have to follow each step accurately to calibrate the smartphone screen.

OnePlus 8T Calibrate Display

1. To calibrate your display you have to move your finger on the top left edge of the display.
2. Now without raising your finger you have to gently move your finger to the base right edge for approximately10 seconds in one section.
3. Nowhere you have to draw your Quick Settings bar and notifications to the base of the screen.
4. After the above step now you will see that the difficulty is not prompted by a particular section on your screen.
5. Now if you see that the Quick Settings bar and notifications clear while you are moving your finger beyond the screen.
6. Then you have to repeat the step again.
7. But, if still facing the same issue then you should contact the service center.

OnePlus 8T screen not turning on

While internet browsing, some files are stored in the smartphone memory. The files are named caches, which helps smooth access of some websites in the future. However, some caches harm smartphone performance. You must clear these cache regularly for smooth activities on your phone. You can clear cache in recovery mode for better results.

OnePlus 8T Wipe Cache Partition

1. First of all you have to hold the power button to turn off the smartphone.
2. Then you have to hold the Volume Up button along with Power keys until the Android or company’s logo appears on the screen.
3. Nowhere at this point, you have to leave both the buttons.
4. Once done the above step, now you will find many options in the recovery mode.
5. Now using the Power key button you have to select the “Wipe cache partitionoption from the Recover mode.
6. Finally, now you have to Restart the device to close the recovery mode.

OnePlus 8T touch screen not working

If you have accomplished all the above methods and still experience the smartphone glitch, then you have no other option than factory reset. You can recover the data if the screen has turned black and factory reset the device. Sometimes, the screen is active in the background, but you cannot use the smartphone. In this case, recover the data and factory reset the data in recovery mode.

OnePlus 8T Recover data

1. First, you have to download the “Broken Android Data Extraction” app on your device.
2. After downloading the app, you have to install the app on your device.
3. Once done, don’t open the app.
4. At this stage you have to tap on the “Start” button to select the model of the smartphone.
5. Then you will require the model number to check the screen.
6. Now you have to perform some steps which you find on your smartphone screen.
7. Then you have to authenticate the phone into download mode by clicking buttons present on the screen of your device.
8. Once done the above step, now you have to download the recovery package, and then you have to restore the device.
9. Now the scan will be processed from the files and folders on the smartphone.
10. After that you have to click on the “Recover button” and then confirm.”

OnePlus 8T Factory Reset via Recovery mode

1. Initially you have to keep a backup of all the data present on your smartphone.
2. Once done, now you have to switch off your smartphone
3. Then you have to connect your smartphone to charge.
4. After that you have to hold the Power and Volume down buttons simultaneously.
5. Here at this point now you have to leave and again hold the Power button and Volume down button.
6. After the above step now you have to select the “Delete all user data and reset all settings” option.
7. Then to confirm you have to click on the Yes button.
8. Now at the end, to factory reset your smartphone you have to hold the power button.


So, this was the complete guide to Fix the OnePlus 8T Screen Display Problem. These methods are completely tested and found to work on Android phones.

If you experience a screen problem even after executing these methods, then take the device to the nearest service center. I hope you liked this article and it helped you to fix the screen problem. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends or relatives experiencing the same screen issue.

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