Here’s Why Google Wipe Out 700,000 Apps & 100,000 Developers From Play Store

Here’s Why Google Wipe Out 700,000 Apps & 100,000 Developers From Play Store: As we know, Android is the most used mobile operating system. The operating system is being used and loved by many because of the variety of apps available on Google Play Store. However, Google Play Store is also a prime marketplace for hackers.

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You will be shocked to know that Google wiped out around 700,000 bad apps from Google Play Store in 2017. Not only the apps, the search giant had also kicked out almost 100,000 developers behind such evil apps.

According to Google almost 250,000 of apps are found copying apps which have huge popularity and downloads. Google named those apps “copycat”. Almost 250,000 apps were found caught impersonating big titles.

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Google also removed apps contain inappropriate content. According to Google, inappropriate content includes illegal activities, pornography, hate, and extreme violence. Google had used an advanced machine learning models to filter out apps that carried inappropriate content.

The next in the hit list were the apps that raise flags for potentially harmful applications. For that, Google rolled out Google Play protect previous year and after that PHA installs have apparently gone down by 50%.

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It’s good to know that the search giant actually taking genuine steps to improve it’s Google Play Store. What’s your opinion on this? Share your views with us.

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