This Website Shows How Much Internet Knows About You

In a context in which privacy has become one of the bets of large technology companies and in which there are no hacking and leaks, the fact is that there is still a great lack of knowledge about what information we provide when we browse through the network. An issue now “ClickClickClick” project wanted to evidence.

Specifically, it is a project and a web that picks up each of our movements in the browser, from the way we have to move until the time we remain inactive. A way to make us more aware of precisely the information that is possible to know about us by just browsing.

How This Creepy Project Works?

Although this is a question that does not surprise us – especially if we consider the existence of tools capable of creating heat maps of the behavior of users on certain websites – the fact is that the site is interesting, especially for those users showers less in this series of issues.

So, just access the web and immediately you will hear a voice that speaks to us in English and tells us to leave an opinion if “we are a laboratory rat” and that is talking to us on the fly – for example, if we stay awhile Without navigating it, asks us if we are still there.

In case it is not the first time we have entered it, it will welcome us again. As for the design of the page, what we see before our eyes is a blank sheet with a button in green. Simply states that “Press To Begin” to give us the details of what we are doing. We can also access a sort of list of movements located in the upper right of the web.

In this section the different movements that we have been performing are displayed with different icons, from the times we have pressed the button, the type of cursor movement, if the movement has been more or less fast, the time of inactivity, and until If we have drawn 10 circles on the green button mentioned.

The voice-over even laughs at us if we click on an imaginary link for three times. It also captures if we minimize or maximize the window, the browser we are using, and so on. The best thing, however, is that when you spend more time on the page, the system starts to try to guess personal characteristics like the genre to which you belong. It does this by comparing your activity with that of other users who have previously entered.

Click here to visit the creepy website.

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