This 4-Year-Old Boy Save His Mom’s Life By Using Apple’s Siri

This 4-Year-Old Boy Save His Mom's Life By Using Apple's Siri

This 4-Year-Old Boy Save His Mom’s Life By Using Apple’s Siri

Sometimes we see some news about how technology has helped save someone’s life. Last year, a mother used Siri to call the emergency while she revived her daughter. This time, a child as young as four years old relied on Apple’s virtual assistant for help when his mother was unconscious.

The incident was detailed in an article on the British police website. According to the police report, Roman (the four-year-old boy) was in his home in England with his two brothers and his mother.

It was then that she fell to the floor, unconscious and the child had to act quickly: Roman placed his mother’s thumb on the iPhone’s Touch ID and then activated Siri so that the assistant would help him to call 999, emergency number in England.

The conversation the boy had with the police was recorded and released, here it is:-

With the help of the boy, the police arrived at the house after only 13 minutes and, forcing the entrance, found Roman and its brothers next to its mother, unconscious. When they took her to the hospital, they were able to revive her.

The police used the situation to warn about the importance of children knowing their addresses and where to call for emergencies like this.

Here is what police stated “I beg all parents of young children to sit down with them and make sure they know what to do in this kind of situation and to know how to contact the police or other emergency services. As this case demonstrates so clearly, it could really be the difference between life and death”.

Situations like this are never foreseen by anyone, so it is really important that all of us – including children – know how to proceed with proper steps for this type of emergency situations. However, here in India, you can use the number 100 for emergencies.

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