Here’s The Best Advice Bill Gates Would Give His 19-Year-Old Self

Here's The Best Advice Bill Gates Would Give His 19-Year-Old Self

Here’s The Best Advice Bill Gates Would Give His 19-Year-Old Self

The founder of the tech giant Microsoft, Bill Gates, said in a speech that his best advice for the ‘Bill Gates young’ would be that “being smart is not necessarily the most important thing in life.” According to him, technical intelligence, that which defines the good and bad student, is not synonymous with success.

The billionaire, who left the university to develop software that revolutionized the world of information technology, said that after years of experience he understands that intelligence does not drive you to success necessarily, as you thought it would.

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Gates said he would give some valuable advice to himself younger and worth to start now.

As a young man, Gates was an exemplary student at his private school in Seattle, marking 1590 points on the SAT (a total of 1,600), a kind of college entrance exam that gave him a place at Harvard.

He enrolled in law, although as many young people did not know what he wanted to do exactly. However, he spent most of his time on computers before dropping out of college in 1975.

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“I was a good student, but I did not get where I came because I was good at the tests. I would explain that technical intelligence is not unique, nor as important as I thought when I started,” he said in response to a question about what advice to give himself at age of 19.

“I would say less anticipation and stress you can explore the developing world before you get into your forties. Good in something is a set of skills, not just intellectuals. I was not very sociable at that time, for example, but I’m not sure if there is a piece of advice that would correct this – maybe I just had to grow up and live on.” he said.

Asked what success is all about, Gates referred to another billionaire entrepreneur. “Warren Buffet says that we have found that we have reached this measure when people close to you are happy or love you, it’s simple. In addition to being good to feel that you have made a difference – to invent something, raise children or help people in need. I take this with me”, revealed Gates.

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On his greatest achievement, Gates said it was the creation of Windows, but hopes that the humanitarian work through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will become as important as its software.

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