Top 40+ Keyboard Shortcuts That Everyone Should Know

Let’s look at the most productive keyboard shortcuts for Windows. Yes, today we will show you the most productive keyboard shortcuts for Windows which will make your daily work habit more simpler.

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So, let’s get started:-

  1. Windows key + Left: Set window to left
  2. Windows key + Right: Set window to the right
  3. Windows key + Up: Set window up
  4. Windows key + Down: Set window down
  5. Windows key + Ctrl + D: Create new virtual desktop
  6. Windows key + Ctrl + Left: Scroll left through virtual desktops
  7. Windows key + Ctrl + Right: Scroll right through virtual desktops
  8. Windows key + CTRL + F4: Close current virtual desktop
  9. Windows key + TAB: View all virtual desktops
  10. Windows key + Q: Open Cortana to hear your voice
  11. Windows key + S: Open Cortana to start typing
  12. CTRL + Shift + Esc: Open Task Manager
  13. Windows key + R: Open Box execute
  14. Windows key + I: Open PC configuration
  15. Windows key + A: Open notification area
  16. Windows + X key: Open Start menu options
  17. Key Windows + U: Opens Accessibility Center
  18. Windows key + Space: Keyboard Switch and input language
  19. Shift + Left: Select the text to the left of the cursor
  20. Shift + Right: Select the text to the right of the cursor
  21. Ctrl + Shift + L: Highlight the text blocks to the left of the cursor
  22. Ctrl + Shift + R: Highlight the blocks of Text to the right of the cursor
  23. CTRL + C: Copy highlighted text to the clipboard
  24. CTRL + V: Paste text from the clipboard
  25. CTRL + A: Select all text after the symbol
  26. Windows key + E: Open Windows Explorer
  27. Alt + Up: Go up one level in Windows Explorer
  28. Alt + L: Go to the previous folder in Windows Explorer
  29. Alt + R: Go to the next folder in Windows Explorer
  30. Shift + Delete: Delete selected files without going to recycle bin
  31. Alt + Enter: Show selected file properties
  32. Windows key + Print Screen: Take screenshot
  33. Windows key + P: switch display modes
  34. Windows key +’Tecla adds: Zoom with Magnifying Glass
  35. Windows key + Key subtraction: Zoom lens
  36. Windows key + G: Open DVR game
  37. Windows key + Alt + G: Start recording
  38. Windows key + Alt + R: Stop recording
  39. Windows Key + L: Lock Computer
  40. Windows key + Shift + (Any) Number: Open new instance of the application in the numbered position in the taskbar.
  41. Windows key + Ctrl + (Any) Number: Open new instance, the application management manager in the numbered position in the Taskbar

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