OMG! Meet The Cheapest Android Smartphone Of Nokia

OMG! Meet The Cheapest Android Smartphone Of Nokia

OMG! Meet The Cheapest Android Smartphone Of Nokia

The latest Nokia mobile has been introduced a few days ago. It is the Nokia 7, a mid-range smartphone with a camera that aims to be the most relevant in its segment.

We thought that the company would launch along with that model another aimed at a much less demanding public and markets where the difference is in whether or not to have a smartphone.

That terminal would be the Nokia 2 and may end up being presented before the end of the year, in November. The novelty is that the price has been leaked.

Nokia 2 for only $99

It has been an American distributor who has shown its product listing with the price at which this model will come out. The $99 would put it not only as one of the Nokia’s cheapest Android phones but of all more or less relevant companies.

Obviously being an American price, it must be borne in mind that the added cost of the taxes has not been taken into account and although it is variable there depending on the state we can speak of between 5 and 15% more.

Extraordinarily fair benefits

The problem of this model, if its specifications are confirmed, will be that, its technical file. We speak of a mobile with 8 GB of internal memory and 1 GB of RAM, with a processor Snapdragon 212.

Of course, the battery, 4000 mAh, promises to put this mobile as a reference in autonomy within the low range, unless it does not end up performing as we expected, something that would be strange.

We do not know if it will come with Oreo as it would be expected but that the Nokia 7 does not have it as standard has slowed our expectations.

Nor do we know if it will be put on sale in the markets in which the company has the presence or if it will be focused only on emerging ones, where the price barrier is the most important when buying a new mobile.

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