Why Do We Have QWERTY Keyboard, Not ABCDE?

Why Do We Have QWERTY Keyboard, Not ABCDE?

Why Do We Have QWERTY Keyboard, Not ABCDE?

Why Do We Have QWERTY Keyboard, Not ABCDE?: In electronic devices, there are several types of keyboards among which stand out the standard PC type keyboards. Yes, we are talking about the ones we use when using a computer. Out of all others, QWERTY is the most popular and common.

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However, have you ever wondered what motivates the order of computer keyboard letters? For this arrangement, known as QWERTY. So, if you are looking for the answer why our computer keyboard letters arranged as QWERTY instead of ABCDE then here we are going to share a reasonable answer.

As we already mentioned, there are lots of keyboards made for computers that use different dimensions and arrangement of keys. However, QWERTY is the most common one.

It was designed around 1968 and has the peculiarity that its name (QWERTY) is the first six letters of its upper row of keys.

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The reason dates back to the time where people used typewriters. When the typewriter was first invented, they had the key arranged in an alphabetical order. However, because of ABCD, people typed so fast that the mechanical characters arms got tangled up.

Therefore, the keys were randomly positioned as QWERTY which is meant to slow down the typing and prevent key jams. After the invention of QWERTY keyboards, the random arrangement became standard.

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However, now people are also habituated with QWERTY Keyboard. So, this is the reason why your keyboard is not arranged in alphabetical order.

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