Facebook Paid $16,500 To This Indian Guy, Here’s Why

A student of MES Institute of Technology and Management of Chathannoor (India), Arun S Kumar, has announced a critical vulnerability that allowed to take control of any page on the social network giant Facebook.

It is a ‘gap’ found in the Business Manager of the social network giant Facebook, which allowed to manage the pages created by the companies, businesses or personalities like Bill Gates or Donald Trump, among others. The flaw found belonged to a group of vulnerabilities called Unsafe Direct Object Reference, a well-known attack in the computer security environment.

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Kumar managed to identify this system security ‘hole’, by which it was possible to alter the administration permissions of any Facebook page. This allowed editing, blocking or even deleting any page. According to the author, using this technique only took 10 seconds to effect a successful attack.

However, after reporting the case to the US company, of course, I am talking about the social media giant Facebook, the student of MES Institute of Technology, Arun S Kumar received a notice informing him that he had been awarded a ‘reward’ of $ 16,000. Moreover, the social media giant Facebook has already solved the flaw in their systems.

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