This Man Builds iPhone 6s From Spare Parts Bought On The Street

Getting an iPhone 6S for $ 300 is possible – though not in the traditional way that involves going to a store or buying it from a friend – as the tech giant Google’s former employee Scotty Allen shows in an invigorating video. To achieve this feat, Scotty Allen visited the Chinese city of Shenzhen and toured distributors of electronic components to find all parts and advice to build an iPhone 6S.

Of course, besides being in the right place, the tech giant Google’s former employee, Scotty Allen has a great standard, like being a former Silicon Valley engineer… so something he knew.

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An engineer built an iPhone 6S valued at $ 300

Allen, a former developer who is now touring the world, not only showed that it was possible to assemble this device, but that led viewers to explore a little-known side of the electronics industry: the Chinese black market for spare parts of all types. He also chose the iPhone 6S simply because of a large number of spare parts available, compared to the iPhone 7.

According to Allen’s experience, in Shenzhen, it is possible to find shops that have the necessary equipment to mount a 3D touch screen and all parts of this mobile. Basically, to build the iPhone 6S, the tech giant Google’s former employee, Scotty Allen used four basic parts “screen, battery, logic board and housing”. But specifically, and as the video demonstrates, one of the big challenges was to make the Touch ID work, since doing it from scratch is something that is considered quite complex; To do this, the engineer bought a motherboard with its “Home” button included.

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The finished iPhone 6S includes parts valued at $ 300, but Allen bought the parts in $ 1000 that he did not finally use while doing his tests. So, without any doubt, for Allen, this is a quite challenging goal with a successful end.

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