MediaTek: You’re Paying Too Much For Your Smartphone

MediaTek: You're Paying Too Much For Your Smartphone

MediaTek: You’re Paying Too Much For Your Smartphone

You should not pay more than 800 dollars that your new smartphone costs, whatever your brand or its specifications. At least that is what the semiconductor company MediaTek thinks, who has taken advantage of the presentation of its new star SoC in the medium-premium range, the Helio P60, to show that it is not necessary to spend large sums of money to have a smartphone “Premium and without sacrifices”.

It has been Finbarr Moynihan, General Manager of Corporate Sales of MediaTek who has assured TechRadar that users are paying too much money for smartphones, due to the expensive additions that manufacturers incorporate in their devices, but that many users do not even intend to use.

MediaTek bets on performance and autonomy instead of add-ons

It is no secret at this point that the strategy of MediaTek is to offer affordable chips, for all those users who do not need a spectacular power to run content in augmented and virtual reality, or artificial intelligence systems or any technology that could increase the price or SoC cost. However, with the new Helio P60 the firm intends to promote a new level of devices, much more premium and without unnecessary additions, but that, according to the firm, will not mean sacrifices for users despite maintaining an affordable cost.

The company continues to see a significant demand among consumers who are looking for a powerful phone but do not need this kind of additions that some manufacturers of premium smartphones decide to incorporate, thus increasing the price of their devices significantly.

“I think we have reached a turning point in the industry. Of course, flagships will have their place and will continue to advance in technology, but somehow the experience and value for money is beginning to resonate with consumers.”

Moynihan goes further and even dares to point out that, in certain situations, those affordable smartphones with MediaTek chip inside, may even be superior to premium phones.

“For a given category and a certain price point, we can do a better job than the flagship by offering a superior user experience at an affordable price.”

There is no doubt that content-priced devices have advanced significantly during these years, increasingly narrowing the gap between the different price ranges. Still, there is no doubt that high-end and premium- priced phones such as the iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9 or Google Pixel, will continue to lead the industry by being the first to incorporate the latest and most advanced technologies. For those who do not need such advanced devices, probably MediaTek chips have much more sense.

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