Meet The World’s Largest Hard Drive And It Can Store 14TB

Meet The World's Largest Hard Drive And It Can Store 14TB

Meet The World’s Largest Hard Drive And It Can Store 14TB

We had already talked about the companies that were struggling to lead an increasingly important market for storage. If we leave the SSDs a little sideways, we’ll focus on hard drives that continue to battle in a world that looks for reliability and performance at an affordable price.

The fight in this sector has been mainly between Seagate, which showed a few months ago its record of 12TB, and Western Digital now reaches the top with its new hard drive of 14TB.

If you think that the world already depends on the SSD drives, well, let it go, because storage is one of the most important services now and especially in the near future, because each time we collect images, data and other material we want to shelter, to keep for eternity. So, the solution is clearly the hard drives.

Hence the importance of the launch of WD, as it continues to bet on a market that many believe is dead and ready to pass the testimony to the SSD.

WD Ultrastar Hs14 14TB

This is the new offering of the American company. The new WD Ultrastar Hs14 is focused on enterprise customers looking to have data centers running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Therefore, the company claims that its new disk has an average of 2.5 million hours without fail.

The disk comes with SATA (6 Gbps) and SAS (12 Gbps) interface and offers theoretical transfer speeds up to 240 MB/s, 512 MB buffer and 5-year warranty.

The secret is in Helium

We once addressed the concept as the source for the assurance of superior storage and reliability. Here the attractive point is the HelioSeal technology, which changes the inner air of the disc by helium, thus offering a lower energy consumption and greater durability, reducing the turbulence damage. In addition, it incorporates SMR (Shingled Magnetic Recording) technology that allows you to increase capacity and reduce energy consumption by up to 60%.

Price and availability

Western Digital did not give the price of this Ultrastar Hs14, but it is estimated that the price will be around 650 dollars. The new WD drive can be purchased as of today, as long as they are in the business market.

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