Microsoft Creates Its Own Version Of Linux OS For The First Time

Microsoft Creates Its Own Version Of Linux OS For The First Time

Microsoft Creates Its Own Version Of Linux OS For The First Time

The tech giant Microsoft is determined to embrace Linux to the ultimate consequences, and that’s why this company has just taken a historic step that was unthinkable until very recently. In an official conference, the tech giant Microsoft has presented its own version of Linux, a kernel and distribution developed by this company and intended for the Internet of Things devices with reduced power processors.

This version of Linux made by the tech giant Microsoft which is called Azure Sphere OS, and it is a new step towards the total adoption of this Open Source operating system by the company behind Windows. Without going any further, the tech giant Microsoft recently joined the Linux Foundation, months before including in the virtual store of Windows several of the most popular Linux distros.

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Security updates for devices that do not have them now

There are more and more connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices in every home. However, they are not always updated with the regularity that could be desired. That makes their processors completely vulnerable to attacks, which usually end up turning this network of devices into a malicious Botnet to launch attacks on other systems.

To correct this, Azure Sphere OS is a version of Linux that guarantees certain stability and security updates to manufacturers. Some companies, such as MediaTek, have already announced the first line of chips with this new Linux distro and kernel modified by the tech giant Microsoft.

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There is no doubt that the tech giant Microsoft is moving quickly to a high profitability sector for the future. Positioning itself strategically is what the brand wants to do so that, when real competition arrives, it will have a monopoly in the style it enjoys in the personal computing and consumer segment.

Because Linux is an Open Source project, companies like the tech giant Microsoft, Amazon or Red Hat can develop their own versions for all kinds of purposes. We will see if the firm led by Satya Nadella is successful in its endeavour or not.

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