Apple Has Had 12 Employees Arrested For LEAKS

Apple Has Had 12 Employees Arrested For LEAKS

Apple Has Had 12 Employees Arrested For LEAKS

It is likely that leaks of the next iPhone are more difficult than ever, as the tech giant Apple has issued an internal mail to all employees warning them that if they leak information about upcoming products not only could be fired but also arrested and brought to trial to ask for millions in fines.

This internal mail from Apple has been leaked by journalist Mark Gurman, although the email was sent last Monday with the subject of “The impact of leaks.” Mail said the American company notes that came to lay off 29 people last year, including own employees, for leaking inside information about iOS 11 and on iPhone X.

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But among those 29 people who were fired, 12 were taken to court and now face millions in fines for leaking professional secrets, something that is embodied in the contracts signed before working at Apple or in other types of technology companies.

In part of this internal email, it can be read that “Apple discovered and fired the employee responsible for filtering details of a confidential meeting about Apple’s upcoming releases. Many software engineers were present and thousands within the organization received details about what was discussed in it. A person betrayed our trust.” This employee told us “that he leaked the information to a journalist because he thought they would never discover it, but all the people who filter the information we end up discovering them, and it’s faster than they think “.

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Internal mail continues to point out that “the impact of a leak on a product can negatively affect sales of that model, even giving rival companies enough time to prepare a competitive response.”

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