New Nokia Ad Poster Confirms The Launch Of New Nokia X

New Nokia Ad Poster Confirms The Launch Of New Nokia X

New Nokia Ad Poster Confirms The Launch Of New Nokia X

The Nokia X returns! What was once the Finnish company Nokia’s first smart mobile phone with the Android operating system will now return to the market later this month with a modern version. After earlier this month we knew that the Korean company was working on a new model of smartphone, we now have confirmation that this is the return of the Nokia X.

We knew that HDM Global had scheduled an important event for next April 27 in China and everything indicated that it would be a new smartphone – after having presented three Android One phones in the MWC 2018, along with two high-end terminals, Nokia 8 Pro and Nokia 9. Now we know that it will not be the only news of the company for the first half of 2018: it is also about to present the Nokia X.

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Maybe you have some distant memory of the first Nokia X with Android, although it was not very successful. Presented in 2014, it was a special version of Android, low-end, with a price close to 100 dollars, which had its own store of applications leaving aside Google but compatible with their services. A smartphone that arrived to differentiate itself but that barely managed to get it.

In its old days, it could not succeed that does not imply that it can not do it now, right? At least that must be thought from HDM Global, company that has the rights of Nokia and has decided to bet to bring back the Nokia X. To know it in full we have to wait until the end of this month, however, we have an advance of the Main features of the Nokia X.

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In the promotional image of the event, we see an X formed by two crossed mobile phones that give us some clues about what we will see in two weeks. You can see that the back will be metal, the corners will be rounded and the screen will be of 2.5D glass. Another outstanding aspect is that this terminal could have up to five interchangeable lenses, approaching to be a high range.

An advance that has left us half, since there are many questions left unanswered. Among them, what will be the price of the Nokia X, if it will be sold in India or when it will be available. Some answers about the return of the Nokia X that we will solve on April 27.

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