Meet The New YouTube Powered By BitTorrent With No Censorship

Meet The New YouTube Powered By BitTorrent With No Censorship

Meet The New YouTube Powered By BitTorrent With No Censorship

The latest YouTubers rebellion left a tense atmosphere of confrontation between the creators of content and those responsible for YouTube. And right in the middle of all this controversy has been born BitChute, a streaming video page that works under BitTorrent technology.

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Although it looks a lot like the YouTube website, BitChute is a platform in which videos are not uploaded directly to a server from which later each user consumes bandwidth to play the streaming file, but are themselves Users who become the “hosts” of these files. It is, in short, a sample of the philosophy of P2P taken to video in streaming.

The BitChute website works under the so-called WebTorrent, a technology in which the users themselves are part of the infrastructure that allows videos to be reproduced from anywhere in the world. As in BitTorrent users indirectly help others to download a torrent file faster, in WebTorrent applies this same idea but for the consumption of videos in streaming.

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As BitChute creator Ray Vahey commented in an interview, the more users are watching videos on this alternative web page than YouTube, the more efficient the way the page can play the videos hosted on it. The user, on the other hand, does not need to install any program to be part of the network of seeders that help the videos to load faster.

In fact, WebTorrent itself is a technology that works directly in the browser, so to enter the page of BitChute does not require the installation of any type of program. Simply, we have to enter the web, click on a video and automatically it will start playback.

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But this website does not only aim to become one of the first torrent type alternatives to YouTube. This page is, according to its own creator, a response to the policies that the tech giant Google owned videos page, YouTube has been applying over content creators in recent years.

The loss of income in the monetization of videos, restrictions on talking about certain topics and the general discontent of the creators are the pillars of this new alternative.

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