This Website Knows Every Torrent You Have Downloaded In Your Life

This Website Knows Every Torrent You Have Downloaded In Your Life

This Website Knows Every Torrent You Have Downloaded In Your Life

Today here I will show you a website that monitors torrent traffic around the timepiece and then simply makes everything public. Downloading files by BitTorrent without hiding the IP address is not a good idea if the files in question can not be downloaded for violating copyright or for violating any local law, as demonstrated by the site “iknowwhatyoudownload”.

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It is a website that shows us the files that have been downloaded from the IP address from which you are connecting. It is important to keep in mind that every time we restart the router we usually connect to a different IP, so the content we see does not have to respond to what you have downloaded and yes to what someone with the same IP has gone down.

The website which is in question publicly informs the records of downloads of any IP that we inform, and is able to generate a link that we can send to a “friend”, a link that, when pressed, will scare what has been downloaded, so in that way we can know what anyone has downloaded just by sending you a link.

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It informs at the same time IPs similar to ours so that we can navigate between files downloaded by neighbors, by people with an IP very similar to ours. All without creating accounts.

On the wbesite they inform that they could send the information shown to the authorities that request it, so if you are accustomed to downloading protected programs, movies, series, and others, without using any VPN, keep in mind that your activity, or the activity Your IP is being recorded somewhere.

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Now if you want to know the website that shows what you have downloaded then simply click here to know.

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