SanDisk Just Unveiled The World’s Highest Capacity microSD Card

SanDisk Just Unveiled The World's Highest Capacity microSD Card

SanDisk Just Unveiled The World’s Highest Capacity microSD Card

The microSD cards are one of the best inventions of the last years, being able to have a great capacity of storage in the size of a fingernail. If so far the maximum capacity on the market was 256 GB, Sandisk broke records by announcing a microSD of 400 GB.

Sandisk Ultra microSD XC UHS-I 400 GB: New Record

The microSD cards have dropped a lot of price in recent years, although in 2017 have risen due to the increase in the price of NAND memories. Thus, we can find 64GB microSD for just $35.66, or 128GB for $59.44. The 256GBs are up to $170 for the Samsung EVO Plus or $185 for the Sandisk Ultra, although the latter has a 200GB version for $100.

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Sandisk now hits a new record with the new 400 GB microSD, which most likely will not last long when other companies venture in the coming months to take out 512 GB cards. Chips and memories of this size already exist in the industry, but no marketable model has yet been announced. The largest capacity microSD on the market today has 256 GB, while the largest SD card, also from Sandisk, reaches 1 TB.

Ideal for mobiles, action cameras, consoles and drones

With 400 GB we can record up to 35 hours of video in Full HD, being ideal for mobiles, action cameras and even game consoles like the Nintendo Switch, which has a limited storage capacity. It is also very useful for drones.

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The transfer speed is up to 100 Mbps, just like the previous models we mentioned 256 and 200 GB, so you can record 4K video to the bitrate that mobile phones (about 64 Mbps maximum) without problems. It also has A1 App certificate for use as internal memory on mobile phones thanks to its high reading speed.

The only downside to having this Sandisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I 400GB is its price. In principle, it will cost $250, but if you are one of those who constantly uses the camera of the mobile or you like to store everything, you can make up for it. After all, a microSD of this capacity can perfectly replace a portable external hard drive.

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At the moment, and until they come down a little more price, the most profitable option is a 200 GB card. The barrier of $100 for a storage card is still very high if you are not a professional.

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