What To Do When Your Smartphone Starts To Crash?

What To Do When Your Smartphone Starts To Crash?

What To Do When Your Smartphone Starts To Crash?

If there’s one thing that takes a person off the hook, this thing is the smartphone start catching. It may be the top of the line, last year’s intermediary, a simpler one that just got launched, it does not matter. The eye gives that shake, the heart goes off and the anger goes up. Calm down, let’s try to solve this problem in a few steps.

Step 1 – Investigate and restart

To leave to throw the smartphone in the wall is not the most adequate solution. Take a deep breath and look at everything coolly. A good first attitude is to restart the device. Yes, just turning the power off and turning it on can put in place corrupted information that was causing the crashes and you do not even have to finish reading it.

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Step 2 – Watching apps

A lot of people blame the device and the system for the crashes, but what have you been installing in it? Check out everything that has been installed for some time and the new apps. Sometimes some older app has been updated and the new version is not getting along with your device.

Or, the number one cause of crashes: new apps installed that, despite being “compliant” by the Play Store, were not fully populated and disrupted the entire system because of their operation. Remember which ones you have last installed and delete them from your smartphone. Clean apps on your smartphone and see if the problem persists.

Step 3 – Open Space

Another common cause of crashes is lack of space. While using RAM to manage information, the system needs maneuvering storage space to allocate some information, and lack of that space can mess things up.

If you already followed the previous step and uninstalled some apps, you may have already opened some space. If you did not remove anything, maybe it’s time to clean up that WhatsApp picture folder, your personal photos and videos, and even your device’s cache (go to “Settings”, then “Storage”, going to ” Cache. “Click on it and confirm the message to clear this cache).

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Step 4 – Clean Up the Mess

Okay, it was not that enough? Let’s clean the mess on your device. Remove widgets from home, throw out useless things or useless apps, put a static screen background (if you’re using an animated one), update the system and the apps that are left over and remove themes and packages of icons installed.

At this stage, anything that may be interfering with the system or overloading the processing should be disabled or deleted. This even includes a microSD card. If it is not of good origin or good speed, it can simply slow down the device.

Step 5 – Reformatting can help

If none of this has advanced, unfortunately, it can be something deeper. Sometimes even uninstalling the apps that caused the crashes, some residual information remains and can only be removed with a reformatting, a factory reset.

Get everything you need: photos, videos, files, apps, and more, and turn off the device, leaving it as it came from the factory. Then check that, without anything installed, the crashes stopped. Go reinstalling app by app and observing the behavior of the smartphone.

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Step 6 – Time to breathe new airs

And if you followed the previous five steps and did nothing, unfortunately, there is nothing else to do. Or your device is out of date for the current apps and system or has a physical problem with the hardware. The best option here is to take a service or, perhaps, leave this device for another use and acquire a new one.

Is your smartphone facing crashes? Have any of these tips helped? Tell us about yourself and do not forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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