Someone Used ‘Wet String’ To Transfer Data At 3.5Mbps

Someone Used 'Wet String' To Transfer Data At 3.5Mbps

Someone Used ‘Wet String’ To Transfer Data At 3.5Mbps

Someone Used ‘Wet String’ To Transfer Data At 3.5Mbps: If we look around, the world is still finding a way to get proper internet connectivity. The biggest trends in the world right now are multi-gigabit wireless links, 5G Connectivity and Quantum internet.

What if I tell you that it’s possible to transfer data over a wet string? Well, this might sound weird, but Andrews and Arnold, a British Internet Provider have managed to find a way to transfer data at much faster speed.

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Andrews and Arnold have successfully sent data over a 2-meter long wet string to achieve the speed of 3.5 megabits per second. So, if you are still waiting for optical fiber then this might sound something unusual.

However, transferring data over wet strings will not be possible for the ISP because of some practical limitation. Sending data over a 2-meter long wet string was just a fun experiment and it was done just to find out whether it’s possible to beam internet via wet string or not.

It was indeed a challenging task for Andrews and Arnold because they have to re-wet the strings every 30 minutes to prevent loss of signals. Not only these, even a slight change in environment like changing the Air conditioner temperature can cause complete loss of signal.

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As we all know, salt water is the good conductor of electricity, therefore, the company used salt water for the experiment. Jim Al-Khalili, Professor of the University of Surrey claims that copper is still better conductor that string with salt water. However, the flow of the current doesn’t matter much in the experiment.

Jim Al-Khalili also said BBC “Here the string is acting as a waveguide to transmit an electromagnetic wave. And because the broadband signal, in this case, is very high frequency it doesn’t matter so much what the material is”

Director of A&A Adrian Kennar believes that wet strings are not viable and it would be very expensive if it ends up as a commercial product.

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