5 Most Common Errors We Make While Charging Our Smartphone

5 Most Common Errors We Make While Charging Our Smartphone

5 Most Common Errors We Make While Charging Our Smartphone

5 Most Common Errors We Make While Charging Our Smartphone: We must admit that smartphones with or without the battery are one of the biggest concern in the digital world. Nowadays, carrying a charger with us is as important as carrying the key to the house. Phone chargers are something which we can’t forget, even if our smartphone is 100% charged.

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Good or durable smartphone batteries are the dream for many. Especially for those, who utilize their smartphone frequently. Majority of smartphone now runs Android and iOS and it brings lots of functions.

With such functions, we perform lots of activities and often times the device can’t stand a full day. You might have already taken several steps to increase the battery life of your Smartphone. However, there are few mistakes that we still make which can hurt the battery life of our smartphones.

Here in this article, we are going to list few most common battery charging errors which we still make.

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1) Extreme Temperatures

You must have heard the phrase that heat and battery don’t match together. Leaving your smartphone under the sun or in the car on summer are not recommended. However, charging your smartphone at extreme temperatures can also reduce the life of the battery.

Never charge your smartphone in hot areas. As during the charge, our phone overheats and the extreme temperature doesn’t match with it. The same goes for very cold temperatures too!

2) Using Fake Charger

Don’t ever use duplicate chargers to charge your high-end smartphone. The original charger of your smartphone is thought to charge the device in a correct and safe way. Sometimes using duplicate charger can cause fires, because it can release sparks or overheat the device.

3) Charging the Smartphone From Computer

We must admit that we all use the computer. Charging our phones with computer looks comfortable. However, it can damage the battery of your phone. This is because, at the USB port, the power varies a lot and cause the device to overheat.

Moreover, charging the phone from computer takes lots of time. So, it’s best to charge the smartphone directly from the power outlet!

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4) Using Phone While Charging

Are you amongst those who put their phone to charge and start playing or surfing social networks? Then you better stop! Well, just like human being, our smartphones also needs a rest after a long day’s work. Moreover, using the smartphone while charging also cause the phone to overheat, and we already know that heat damages the battery.

5) 100% Or 0%

We charge our smartphone until it reaches the 100% marks and we use our smartphone until it goes off due to low battery. This is something really very damaging.

Nowadays, smartphones have lithium batteries, which are designed to be smart and optimize the load. That means it can work even if it wasn’t 100% charged. The ideal charging limit is 50-60%, it prevents the extra load by reducing the temperature.

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By following these tips, you will be able to keep your smartphone’s battery healthy to last longer. Hope these tips helped you share it with others also.

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