How To Unlock The Hidden Menu Of Windows 10

How To Unlock The Hidden Menu Of Windows 10

How To Unlock The Hidden Menu Of Windows 10

How To Unlock The Hidden Menu Of Windows 10: Almost every operating system be it be Windows or Mac keeps some secrets and Windows 10 is no exception: Do you know your Windows 10 computer has a hidden menu? Activating it is quite simple but requires a few definite steps. Keep reading to know how to access the hidden menu of Windows 10.

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How to access the secret menu of Windows 10

1) Open the Registry Editor

Go to the search box in the taskbar and enter the command regedit, or else you can press Windows Key + R and then enter regedit to access the Registry Editor.

2) Enter The HKEYCURRENTUSER \ Control Panel

You will find various options in the registry editor. You need to find the folder “HKEYCURRENTUSER”. Expand it and search for “Control Panel“.

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3) Create a DWORD key with the name EnableSamplesPage

Now it’s about creating a new DWORD registry entry. For that on the right panel right click and then select New > DWORD Value (32 bits) .

Once the value is created, name it EnableSamplesPage.

Registry Editor

Registry Editor

4) Change its value to 1

Right-click on the key and then select Modify > Value Data enter 1 (default is 0). Click OK.

5) Restart Windows 10

Close the registry editor and restart your PC in the normal way.

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6) Enjoy the new secret option

Go to the options of Windows Configuration. In addition to the usual sections, there is a new one with a heart icon: Samples.

new secret option

new secret option

Samples allow you to “play” with many Windows 10 options: notification management, fonts, colors, playback options and much more.

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This is how you can enable the hidden menu of Windows 10 operating system. I hope you like the post, share it as much as possible.

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