11 Secret WhatsApp Tricks You Probably Don’t Know

As with any other worthy app, WhatsApp has many secrets, tips, and tricks that enhance the experience of using the program. The only problem is that these options are not as visible as GIFs or video calls. The ones we have compiled below surely many users did not know them until now.

With over one billion users across the globe, it’s no wonder that WhatsApp is the ultimate instant messaging application.

Chat faster, change the profile photo, change the manager of a group, use WhatsApp Web … all these options that, without precisely a “secret” in themselves, can help to get the most out of the application.

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But we are aware that most of these WhatsApp tricks will be too basic to most, so this time we wanted to attach 11 WhatsApp secret tricks that you surely did not know:-

  1. Read messages secretly: If you want to read a message and do not let the blue double check of WhatsApp indicate that it has been read, you simply have to manually disable this option from the application. That is something that can be done on both Android and iOS, and in both cases what allows you is that the other person does not see any confirmation even after you have read your message. In Android you have to enter in the section of Settings of the application, go to Account Info, enter Privacy and deactivate the option of “Confirmation of reading”, while in iOS you have to enter in Settings, click on Account, access To Privacy and disables the Read Confirmations option. Of course, keep in mind that by deactivating this option you will not be able to see the read receipts of the messages that you send to another person. So you might also be interested in knowing that another way to read messages without the other person knowing is to activate Airplane Mode, enter the WhatsApp application, read the message and exit before re-activating the data again.
  2. Learn how to use WhatsApp groups: It is not the same art to be fed, nor a group as the group of diffusion. As you already know, the group of WhatsApp serves for several contacts to debate or send images. However, a broadcast group serves to send messages individually and each user will see a new chat as if it had been sent personally.
  3. Who have I blocked? : Blocking someone in the application is quite simple, but … what happens if you forget that you have blocked or not a person with whom you want to get back in touch? What few people know is that there is a section in the application that shows all the people we have blocked, and accessing it is as simple as going to Settings, entering Account, pressing Privacy and, for Last, enter Locked. There we will see all the phone numbers that we have blocked. From this section you will have the both possibility to eliminate the blockade to a certain contact and, to watch for the data, to block a phone number without having to have it added to the agenda. To do this, simply click on “Add new …” and enter the number you want to restrict in your account.
  4. Put a password to WhatsApp: If we want to protect access to the application with a password, we will have no choice but to resort to external unofficial applications. In the case of Android we have a huge range of options, including applications such as AppLock, Protect Whats Messenger or App Locker, all designed to block this messaging app with a password (or a pattern). In iOS, unfortunately, there is no one hundred percent effective tool for this task. But in addition, for some time now there is also the possibility to protect our WhatsApp account forever with a password (both Android and iOS). To associate a password with your account, all you have to do is enter the Settings section, go to Account, press on 2-step verification and follow the instructions that appear on the screen. In this way, no one will be able to supplant your identity even if they can clone your phone number.
  5. Recover deleted messages: If you want to re-read a deleted message by mistake you can recover it, whenever you hurry. Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp so that you get the option to recover a backup of the annotations of the application and in this way, you will recover the deleted messages. That’s assuming you had the backup option turned on before.
  6. Hide your photo to strangers: If you just added a new contact, which you do not know who it is, you can prevent a stranger from seeing your WhatsApp profile photo. The option is in the menu Settings> Account> Privacy. In this menu, it is possible to configure who can see your profile photo and status of WhatsApp: Everyone, only your contacts, or anyone.
  7. Force the location of new contacts: If you just add a new contact, and you see that does not appear in your list of WhatsApp, one of the 11 secret tricks of WhatsApp is forced update your contacts. To do this go to your list of contacts and go down to the end. There you will see an option called “Help on contacts”. If you enter, you find the option “Show invisible contacts”, tap twice and immediately returns to the list of contacts, enter the settings and click update. All new and hidden contacts will appear before your eyes.
  8. Trick to write faster: this trick only works on Android and comes to be a kind of shortcut that allows you to write much faster. The trick is to activate the option to send the messages by pressing the Enter key on the virtual keyboard of the mobile, which saves you having to necessarily click on the icon to send the message that appears in a much less accessible area of the screen. To activate this option, all you have to do is enter the WhatsApp Settings section, go to Chats and leave the “Enter to send” option checked. From that moment, every time you press the Enter key when you finish writing a message what will happen is that a line break will not be created, but the message will be sent directly to the recipient. Once you have become accustomed to this option, you will realize that this way you can write much faster.
  9. Free space on the iPhone with a touch: If you have problems with space on the iPhone, you know that for some time this application offers the possibility to easily release the space occupied by photographs, videos, and audios of chats. To delete, for example, all the images that have been downloaded to your iPhone from a WhatsApp group, you must go to Settings, access Data usage and storage, click on Storage usage and start deleting files from each of the Groups. Keep in mind that if you decide to empty both the text messages and the images of a chat, when you enter the same chat you will notice that it is completely empty.
  10. Keep using your account even on an SIM-free mobile: Maybe you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you removed the SIM card from the mobile on which you have registered your WhatsApp account. The answer is that nothing happens as long as you do not try to register the same phone number later on another device, and you will be able to continue using your account even if the mobile does not have a SIM card. This trick should be taken into account when, for example, using the application on a tablet.
  11. Cancel a voice message: Are you recording a voice message for WhatsApp, and have you been confused as you spoke? Quiet, to cancel sending the message simply slide your finger (without releasing it from the screen) to the left. This trick works on both iOS and Android.

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