Here’s The List Of Best Websites To Download Free And Legal Music

Here's The List Of Best Websites To Download Free And Legal Music

Here’s The List Of Best Websites To Download Free And Legal Music

The downloading of music from the Internet has an associated stigma that is difficult to get rid of.

When someone mentions the possibility of downloading music, it is quickly associated with piracy or amateur groups. But the truth is that there are many websites where you can download music for free and legally, including established artists, from Beyonce to Eminem. With music libraries that exceed 15 million songs.

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Although now what it takes is streaming, these types of services are tied to an Internet connection. Some allow you to download a certain number of songs to listen to offline, but in most cases, they need to be online. And that is not always possible. That’s why music downloads are still essential for many people. And if they are free and legal, much better.

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Let me remind you, do not expect to freely download the latest hits like that, for the face. That is only possible through payment services. But you will find many websites with downloads of high-quality indie, alternative, or promotional music.

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If you are willing to open your mind and let yourself be carried away by the new discoveries that these pages offer you, you will undoubtedly find new proposals that you will love. Guaranteed!

1. Jamendo

Over the years, Jamendo has become one of the most important independent music platforms. On Jamendo, you will find more than 461,000 songs that you can listen to in streaming or download freely, for free. As simple as pressing the Download button in the album or song.

2. Fanburst

With more than 350,000 downloadable music files, Fanburst boasts one of the most important free access music databases on the Net. Most of it is indie music but there are also a good number of musicians consecrated from Rihanna to Kayne West or David Guetta.

3. BearShare

After some turbulent beginnings, with payments of 30 million dollars to the record companies and the passage through several companies, BearShare has consolidated itself as one of the most solvent and free music download services.

Of course, keep in mind that you can not download directly from the BearShare website.

You must install a program and create a free account. In return, you get access to more than 20 million songs by established artists, from Beyonce to Bruno Mars. You have to know that these are downloads that come from the music that other users have and that they share with others, so you yourself must share some of your music, in MP3 format.

4. Internet Archive Music

Internet Archive has been collecting all kinds of material published on the Internet for many years, with the intention of preserving it for posterity. Texts, images, videos, programs and also music.

It has an impressive selection of more than 100,000 live concerts, as well as radio recordings, podcasts, audiobooks, and other content where it is possible to locate real rarities.

5. Epitonic

Released in 1999, Epitonic was one of the pioneer websites to offer free music uploaded by its own creators. Due to the lack of funds, it remained closed for a few years, but in 2010 one of its original founders, Justin Sinkovich, recovered the rights and with the help of the crowdfunding obtained the funds to reopen the web.

6. is another of those recycled websites that started offering MP3 music downloads without limits. Speaking clearly, pirated music. After the inevitable judgments and readjustments, now it is a legal website with a large amount of free music but previously approved by its creators. It has thousands of themes and the artists themselves can upload their own music.

7. Free Music Archive

The WMFU is one of the most popular free music radio stations in the United States.

In its Free Music Archive, it collects thousands of musical themes from both established and indie artists, who have given their permission to include them in the archives, and you can download them for free.

In Free Music Archive you will find songs collected during the last decades, used in alternative radio stations. From live performances to remixes, a cappella versions, live concerts, and many other surprises. There are also study topics that, as we have mentioned, have yielded record labels for cultural or historical reasons.

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