Why Go For The Samsung Galaxy S7 Instead Of S8?

Why Go For The Samsung Galaxy S7 Instead Of S8?

Why Go For The Samsung Galaxy S7 Instead Of S8?

With Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, the franchise has lifted the lid for the access of a finer version of Smartphone. But the prime question still remains open: Is it worth of? Let us have a look.

Samsung Galaxy’s S7 is truly a wondrous phone and has bagged a perfect score of 5 out of 5 in most of the reviews. But with this snowy Galaxy S7 and the fierce competition from iPhone 7, Samsung had to bang the market with something that no one can resist for. So comes the Samsung S8.

If you have any of the thoughts for upgrading your phone to Samsung S8, S8 Edge or S8 Plus, then you must have a look at the key points. These points will make you understand the factors that play a pivotal role when you are spending your hard-earned bucks for the Samsung Flagship.

Let us get started:-

 The Fingerprint Scanner

If there is a prime downside factor in Samsung Galaxy S8, then it has to be the fingerprint scanner. This popular security feature is being planked on the rear side of the phone. Not enough?

It has been placed right beside the camera and that is where the question of bad decision pops up. According to most of the users including me, the placing of the Samsung’s fingerprint recognition is frustrating and irritating. How? Let us have a look.

Imagine yourself to be involved in some work and your hands are greasy. Unfortunately and unknowingly, instead of the biometric, you place your finger on the camera and Lo! Your camera becomes an oily and dirty mess as well. Isn’t it irritating?

Additionally, the Samsung has ensured multiple security features that include iris recognition and facial ones as well. But this technology takes your frustration to the next level altogether due to the reason that it makes the unlocking process more difficult and complicated.

It might be sounding a minor issue for you but if you consider of the frequency of locking and unlocking your phone in an hour, then it would be annoying to you as well.

Instead, the biometric on the front of the Galaxy S7 makes the usage of this device a breeze.

 The Curved Display

The new S8’s display is just impossible and would provide you with the best viewing experience for the smartphone. The content would look invariably sharp and refined on its screen. And if you struggle, then also you are not able to get this kind in the same run.

Also, Samsung claimed that Galaxy S8 and its variants are the world’s first smartphone which is certified to contain and play the Ultra HD Content. The 5.8” display of the device is classy and joyful but sad enough, not faultless.

It has been noticed and noted that there are many websites of the world which have content throughout their landing page. So these texts are tricky to read and understand.

Thanks to the Samsung that S7 is being made available sans the curved display as well. Which means the curved body won’t disturb you while you are having a read on Web. So if you decide for the flat screen, then you have the S7 to choose.

 The Bixby Button

Bixby is the personal assistant for Samsung and particularly aims to make your life easier. Since its advent, Samsung was making some huge noises about its virtual assistant. In the Samsung S8 device, they have also included a button for the assistant which spring to life when you touch the same.

But practically, it is one of the annoying features of S8. Thanks to the champions, the S7, and its variants are kept free of this assistant without clogging up space on the screen.

Final Thoughts

Done with the differences so far I have noticed!! Now it is your call, whether you want to save your hard-earned bucks in your pocket or let loose of the same.

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