Top 10 Best WiFi Hacking Apps For Your Android Device

Top 10 Best WiFi Hacking Apps For Your Android Device

Top 10 Best WiFi Hacking Apps For Your Android Device

Top 10 Best WiFi Hacking Apps For Your Android Device: Are you away from home and do not have more data and need to connect to a network? This is something that occurred to us all the time. While it is sure that data rates are increasingly limited and we rarely find public wifi network.

However, do you know you don’t need to be a professional hacker to crack the secret key of any Wifi network? There are some WiFi Hacking Apps developed for the Android operating system that can Hack WiFi networks for you.

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This is the list of 10 Best android hacking applications. The best part of these apps is that most of them are free and easily available on the internet.

Top 10 Best WiFi Hacking Apps For Your Android Device

Note: You can test these applications with your wifi network to find existing vulnerability. Please don’t use these apps for illegal purposes. Due to some security reasons, we are just listing the name of the apps, you can look for this apps in Google to get the download link.

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1) AndroDumpper

AndroDumpper attempts to decrypt wifi keys. It comes for both rooted and non-rooted Android smartphones. You can utilize this app to check the security level of any WiFi network.

2) WPSApp

It is another application that operates with networks that have WPS encryption. The interface of this app is very easy where a green ticket means that it can decrypt the password and with a red ticket and in the form of X means that it can’t decrypt the key of that Wifi Network.

3) Wps Wpa Tester

As the name suggests, it is an Android app that will help you to recover passwords for vulnerable WPS wireless networks. This is achieved by using 4 different algorithms that calculate the PIN. However, for versions, earlier to Android 5 (Lollipop) need to be rooted and for Android 5.0 onwards root is not necessary.

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4) WPS connect

WPS Connect is an app that will assist you to see if your router is exposed to a default PIN. This app for hacking Android Wifi includes known default router PINs and algorithms like ComputePIN and easyboxPIN, among others.

5) Fing Networks Tools

Fing Networks Tools is a Wifi network monitoring app for your Android device. Thanks to this we can do a WiFi audit to our connection and see which devices and who are connected to our wifi network.

6) NetCut

NetCut is an excellent app for Wifi audits. It tells you in real time that devices are joined to your Wifi network. This is fine since if you see a strange device connected to your network, NetCut allows you to directly block it.

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7) Zanti

Zanti is a set of mobile penetration testing tools for Android. You can check the vulnerabilities on your wifi network with this app on your Android phone. If you are an ethical hacker or IT professional then this is an essential tool for your Android mobile. You can hack any Wi-Fi network with the guidance of this application.

8) Kali Linux

This is an operating system, but with this, you can get dozens of wifi hacking tools on your Android device. Kali is one of the best Linux operating systems in computer hacking used by ethical hackers and IT professionals.

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9) Nmap Mapper

If you are in ANP Ethical Hacker, you will know the value of the Nmap tool in testing the network. Nmap will help you identify the hosts, protocols, open ports, services and their arrangement and vulnerabilities in networks.

10) WiFi Inspect

Wifinspect is not a tool to hack wifi Android itself. Rather, it is application devoted to computer security and auditing Wifi. One of its roles is to know the devices that are connected to our network, so stealing Android wifi is more complicated as it will allow you to monitor the different devices that are connected to your network.

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These are the 10 Best android hacking applications that you can have on your Android smartphone. You can search for these apps on Google to get the download link. Hope you liked the post, share it as much as possible.

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