8 Simple Steps To Protect Your Computer From Hackers

8 Simple Steps To Protect Your Computer From Hackers

8 Simple Steps To Protect Your Computer From Hackers

The fear of being affected by the viruses of the internet is more and more obvious. The more technology advances, the more things are done by personal computers, such as paying bills, files with personal information. This also increases hackers’ attention in hacking systems.

What must be done to protect machines is always a mystery. “If I already have the antivirus, why am I still infected?”. In fact, it is not a program, but a set of activities that allow the PC to be as defended as possible. Here are some tips to increase your safety.

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How To Protect Your Computer From Hackers


Antivirus may not be totally responsible for the security of your computer, but it is certainly one of the main and first steps for those who want to protect their computers.

It is possible to find good protection software – the paid versions that exist in the market are superior to the free ones since they offer adequate support.


The firewall works, in a way, along with the antivirus. It is responsible for expelling what is of doubtful character before it enters the machine. Once inside (when the firewall fails) you still have the antivirus that will do everything possible to eliminate it.


This is what responsible for eliminating spyware from the system – programs left by hackers on your computer in order to collect your information. Antispyware can steal your credential data and therefore having an Antispyware tool is a must.

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Updated operating system

When the system is outdated it is much easier for hackers to infiltrate the PC. Keep it always up-to-date. Updates can be configured to be performed automatically or even manually – when the user wishes.

Do not access unknown links

In e-mails, websites, chat programs, or virtually everything you have access to on the internet, you may occasionally have a malicious link. The care and precaution in this situation are essential. Think twice before clicking any unknown link.

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Do not send personal data by email

If your email account is already compromised, the hacker has access to all emails that have already been sent or received. Try as much as possible, do not send your personal data as well as bank account password.

Unlikely and different passwords on each site

Placing different passwords on websites is a very important step in protecting your accounts. Even if someone discovers your password and login to a certain site, you will be restricting him/her to access other sites. If you can not protect an account, you’ll at least be able to preserve the others.

Caution in downloads

Downloads are one of the major reasons for infection in machines. Mostly, viruses enter our system through downloads. Even if all the steps have been done correctly, you still need to pay attention to all the additional software that the program indicates during the installation.

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These are some of the tips which you need to follow to increase your safety. If you want to give us some more suggestions, then leave a comment below.

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