WoW! GearBest Announces Its Black Friday Deals & Sale Plans Of 2017

WoW! GearBest Announces Its Black Friday Deals & Sale Plans Of 2017

WoW! GearBest Announces Its Black Friday Deals & Sale Plans Of 2017

Black Friday is coming and there is no online store that is not already with great promotions going on. You have to be aware of prices, you must follow the evolution of prices in the market and make sure that the purchase is actually made with a good discount.

Online purchases are increasingly an option to take advantage of these discounts and stores outside of India are also an option.

Black Friday is a day of huge rebates and stockpiling that came about in the United States on the Friday following Thanksgiving, and that Globalization has made a point of spreading throughout the world.

In India, for several days we started hearing about the promotions and the foreign online stores are obviously a good option, also having several campaigns going on.

The fact that we are referring to “Big Discounts” and “Incredible Promotions” can generate great expectations from consumers and so we suggest some good practices:-

  • Before you buy, make a list of desired products
  • Do a previous research on the products
  • If possible, keep track of the price history of these products
  • Beware of fake rebatesHow to take advantage of discounts abroad

For the preparation of this article, we visited several online stores and we conclude that the actions prepared for this day go a long way to creating quick promotions, surprise promotions, discount codes and discount brand selection on some products. For this example, we will use Gearbest, as it is the only site that provides the most mindblowing offers.


In Flash Sale campaigns a list of products is made that are with great discounts during a limited period and stock.

For example, the Xiaomi Mi 5X, which is usually available in excess of € 200, may in the next hours be purchased for € 179.46 (or € 170 using the BJxiaomi5x coupon ). Another product currently in Flash Sale is the mini GPD Pocket, which is usually above 400 € and in the next few hours is available for € 378.70.

Besides the indication of the products in the promotion, there is still an indication of the products that will enter Flash Sale the next day, being able to anticipate their decisions.


The surprise bags are another one of the active campaigns. For a low amount, which is usually between € 1 and € 10, for example, you will buy a product that may actually have a much higher value. It knows just the product category, whether it’s an accessory for the car, a Bluetooth speaker or a smartphone accessory, but everything else is lucky.


If you make purchases above a certain amount, you can collect a discount voucher to use on selected products. For example, for purchases over $ 50 you will be entitled to a $ 10 discount, then a discount of $ 30 for purchases over $ 150 and a discount of $ 50 for purchases over $ 300.


Gearbest has made a selection of products from various brands where it applies various discounts. For example, the SJCAM SJ7 Star Wi-Fi, which is usually for more than € 150, can be purchased here for € 119.64. Also in these cases, the discounts have a time limit and there is a stock also limited.


If you are looking for a specific product, for example, a smartwatch, you can also fall into a page with discounts for categories, which is an advantage to be able to compare prices and models available in different brands.

It is important to note that not always the percentage of discount that appears is the real and this happens with the vast majority of stores that tends to show a slightly higher initial price so that the discount amount looks really good. Therefore, the examples given here are based on actual market prices.

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