5 Reasons Why Google Allo Is Better Than WhatsApp

5 Reasons Why Google Allo Is Better Than WhatsApp

5 Reasons Why Google Allo Is Better Than WhatsApp

WhatsApp may be the most popular instant messaging application in the world, but it is far from the best. There are much more efficient applications in several fields, although none have as many users as WhatsApp.

One of the best alternatives is Allo, developed by Google. More than a simple instant messaging application, this application is almost a window of private gossip with Google’s artificial intelligence, offering the exchange of text, video or audio messages between your contacts and more.

Below, we offer you some reasons why you should change WhatsApp and start using a more complete application, such as Allo.

1. Allo is more intelligent

One of Allo’s best resources is the Google Assistant, an artificial intelligence system that “talks” to the user through text as if it were a real person. It is possible to have access to various functions and instant information from the internet. This is something that for example, WhatsApp is not able to do.

Would you like to know when your favorite team has a match? Send a message to the Assistant asking. Are you planning a trip to the movies with a friend? Invite the Conversation Wizard and ask her about the movies that are on the billboard. Using Allo is like having Google at your fingertips, without the need to go out and switch applications.

2. It takes up less space

On Android, Google Allo occupies less than 40 MB in internal memory, while WhatsApp can exceed 90 MB – even without messages, images or videos stored. Since Allo also uses your calendar to load the contacts, it is not necessary to have WhatsApp installed occupying useless space. It has a much simpler interface and minimalistic resources, allowing to run on any device, even on the lower range.

3. Allo allows better integration with Google

If you’re a user of other Google services, such as Gmail, Chrome, Maps and other basic applications on Android, you will feel the benefits of using a messaging application that is connected to all of them. With your Google account in sync, Allo Assistant can quickly locate contacts from your phone, places of interest in your city (your home address and work address, for example), and even your search preferences as well.

4. It is more useful

Be honest: you only have WhatsApp installed on your smartphone because almost everyone uses it. In the background, WhatsApp is more of an obligation than a utility application, since many applications can do the same and even much more.

Allo, more than a messaging application, is a direct communication channel with Google. It’s like having all the artificial intelligence of the company at your entire disposal to talk and to inform you quickly and simply. WhatsApp, in turn, is just a messaging application and is not one of the most complete.

5. It’s more fun

There are not many formulation options for your WhatsApp messages. You can use some codes to leave the text in bold or italic, but you can not change the font size or add stickers to the conversation, as it only supports emojis.

In that sense, Allo is more fun to use. In addition to adding the virtual assistant to get funny answers, you have virtual games, stickers and you can increase the font size for greater emphasis. Allo fills your eyes, while WhatsApp is more monotonous. Would you be willing to change WhatsApp for a better alternative? Share your answer in comment section below.

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