The iPhone X Is The “Most Breakable iPhone Ever”

The iPhone X Is The "Most Breakable iPhone Ever"

The iPhone X Is The “Most Breakable iPhone Ever”

The iPhone X Is The “Most Breakable iPhone Ever”: As we have seen, Apple already started to deliver its much awaited iPhone X. And the smartphone carries a hefty price tag which starts at $1000. That hefty price tag hasn’t prevented Apple fanboys around the world to get their early hands on Apple’s latest iPhone X.

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As of now, iPhone X has reached the hands of customers across the world. We have already seen what’s inside it. However, the latest iPhone X lacked something important that is the crash test.

According to Apple, iPhone X carries the most durable glass that is ever used on a smartphone. However, the crash test results are slightly depressing. Recently, SquareTrade, the company that provides extended warranty for electronics have performed a crash test with iPhone X.

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SquareTrade after conducting the test on iPhone X says the iPhone X is “the most breakable iPhone ever”. Dropping the iPhone X from six feet height, it suffers the permanent failure on the OLED screen and the separation from the display.

When dropped with the screen down, the Face ID crashed and the screen shattered. When dropped on the back down, the glass splinters, but the screen leaves intact. So, it looks like, iPhone X failed in the crash test.

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In the United States, Apple charges $279 for out-of-warranty screen repairs and $549 for any other types of damages. What do you think about the durability of iPhone X? Leave your opinion in the comments below.

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