How To Tell If Your Android Has Been Hacked

How To Tell If Your Android Has Been Hacked

How To Tell If Your Android Has Been Hacked

How to Tell if Your Android Has Been Hacked: If we talk about Android Operating system, the vulnerability of Android devices against hacking attempts os one of its downsides. Since Android is an open source operating system, cybercriminals are trying their luck to hack into the devices.

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Let me tell you that if you hold an Android smartphone, your device can be hacked only by using its device number. In the past, we have seen that hackers can send a modified video message to the registered number. That video message is able to bypass Android defenses and execute a remote code.

We have just talked about the only one instance of hacking attempts, there are several ways by which virtual criminals hack into smartphones. There are several apps available on the web which let hackers gain the complete control over the victim’s smartphone.

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How to Tell if Your Android Has Been Hacked

Below, we are listing some of the best things which you need to check to find out whether your smartphone has been hacked or not:

1) Check the call log of your Android device, check for each outgoing and incoming call logs.

2) Check for data transfer. Check for incoming and outgoing traffic. If you notice something unusual exchanging traffic, then there are higher chances that your device is been hacked.

3) Take your devices to an authorized store and ask for a complete diagnosis. The company will look for bugs and viruses that may result from cloning.

4) Call your phone number from your friend’s number to see if someone else is answering your call.

5) Check your number you mobile number search tools and see if any unusual links that is not related to you appearing.

6) Look for apps installed on your Android device that you don’t remember downloading. If you find any new app, there are higher chances your smartphone may be being controlled by another person.

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These are the six best ways to know if your smartphone is been hacked. Hope you like the article share it as much as possible.

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