This Is Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates’ Resume From 1974

This Is Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates' Resume From 1974

This Is Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates’ Resume From 1974

Let’s not fool ourselves: today it’s no use sending your resume to that company for which you always wanted to work. In order for these pages to reach the right person, it takes a lot of effort, great doses of fortune and even some contact in that company. But there was a time when it was not so. When companies had the capital and initiative to add new members to the roster, it was the curriculum that gave access to personal interviews in which the candidates played the whole game.

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Even those who now review the resume of the best had to merge their merits into a document to certify that they were prepared to perform that work, or that other or even that one there. At present, such large employers would not need to present credentials or even go to an interview.

This is the case of Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft. He is the most powerful entrepreneurs in the world of technology, like every child of a neighbor, had to gather in a few pages their professional background to try to convince some human resources manager.

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Before creating the company that, even today, provides sustenance for himself and his family, Bill Gates was also forced to work out his curriculum in search of savings that would help him in his student life. In 1973, when he was only 18 years old, the one who would eventually be the co-founder of Microsoft presented this peculiar curriculum:-

Just after finishing his first year at Harvard University, where he met Steve Ballmer, Gates did not hesitate and set to work for a job. In an unconventional resume, the richest man in the world, according to Forbes magazine, only demanded a base salary of $ 15,000. A very measured amount. Of course, although it did not show any inconvenience due to the displacement that the post might cause him, it did indicate his preference for a position as a system analyst or as a programmer.

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Moreover, Bill Gates in his resume wrote about the system that he actually built in alliance with Paul Allen. According to the Resume, the system was actually made for traffic engineers simply to monitor the traffic flow.

So, now let’s have a look at the resume of Bill Gates:-

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