This $5 Device Can Hack Your Computer In Just 30 Seconds

This $5 Device Can Hack Your Computer In Just 30 Seconds

This $5 Device Can Hack Your Computer In Just 30 Seconds

Security companies all around the world are working to turn down the massive outrage of WannaCry and Petya ransomware. There are lots of computer security software found on the internet. Today, we are going to share another hacking related thing that will make you think twice about leaving your personal computer unattended.

We will talk about a new tool which is known as Poison Tap. Poison tap is a $5 device, which is developed by a hacker/developer Samy Kamkar. The little tool can break into your password-protected computers, as long as there is a browser open in the background.

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Samy Kamkar, the creator of PoisonTap, said it had cost him just $5 and only 30 seconds to hack into any working computer. What makes this PoisonTap more worst is it can even hack a password protected computers.

Samy Kamkar has designed an exploit tool which can establish a privacy-invading backdoor into the computer. Hacker just needs to plug in the device and wait for few seconds to gather all the information stored on the computer.

PoisonTap is built on Raspberry Pi Zero microcomputer. Once the device is plugged into a USB port, it immediately imitates a network device and targets all the outbound connections by pretending to be the whole internet which tricks the computer to transmit all traffic to it.



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The device then acts as a Man-in-the-middle and steals any HTTP authentication cookies that the victim handles to log into their private accounts. There is another thing that’s more alarming, the device has the potential to dodge the two-factor authentication.

Security researchers have examined Kamkar’s research and said that this is a good way to expose the extreme trust that Windows and Mac computers have in network devices. PoisonTap looks like a network device plugged into a USB port, which talks and exchange data with it.

This $5 device also let an attacker install determined web-based backdoors in HTTP cache for hundreds of thousands of domains which make victim’s web browser and local network remotely accessible by the hacker.

The best thing to avoid this kind of attacks is to set your computer to hibernate mode, rather than sleep because, in hibernation, your computer suspends all processes. Make sure to clean your web browser’s cache and disable the USB ports that you don’t use. The most crucial thing is, always close your web browser before leaving the desk.

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For more details visit this link. Did you find PoisonTap scary? Express your views below.

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