Meet The World’s Youngest Computer Programmer Is Only 7, Aims To Be Next ‘Bill Gates’

Meet The World’s Youngest Computer Programmer Is Only 7, Aims To Be Next 'Bill Gates'

Meet The World’s Youngest Computer Programmer Is Only 7, Aims To Be Next ‘Bill Gates’

We all know that in the world where even the adults strive with codes, where a teen genius has smashed all records to become the youngest programmer in the world. He is Muhammad Hamza Shahzad. Although still 7 years old, the London-born boy has been crowned as the youngest computer programmers in the world. He is said to have an official license to leave primary school and get a job at a top-notch IT company.

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This is not surprising, given that one of his teachers often contacted him to repair his computer. “I want to be like Bill Gates,” said the boy who likes to play football with his father.

Mohammed’s finesse in computer tinkering declined from his father, Asim, who is an elite in one of the IT in the United States, Cyber Royal. It is said that Muhammad already understands the computer since he was still wearing a diaper.

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“At school, he sets his own standards. We try to make it better, not just for him, but also for others. That’s all we can do,” said Asim, who is still 40 years old.

Asim, his wife, and Muhammad moved to Birmingham from Croydon seven years ago. At Ark Oval Primary, in southern London, Muhammad is considered a unique boy. However, Asim admitted it was difficult to find the right school for his son.



Last year, when he was 6 years old, he had stolen the title of the youngest Microsoft Office Professional. To get a certificate, one must earn 700 points, while Muhammad gets 757 points. It takes six days to prepare for the exam.

For three days of exams, he has got it all. He is proficient in Software Development Fundamentals, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, and MS Exel.

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“He can easily create Web App and successfully develop a shopping cart in his own application,” said one Microsoft spokesman. “He can explain about piles, memory management, data structures, maybe even better than other programmers.”

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