5 Myths And Truths About Technology That Will Surprise You!

5 Myths And Truths About Technology That Will Surprise You!

5 Myths And Truths About Technology That Will Surprise You!

5 Myths And Truths About Technology That Will Surprise You!: Well, we must admit that we use smartphones in our daily life. We all have computers at our office, home etc. So, technology evolves every day, isn’t it? If we look at past few years, we will find that there are many things that were true few years ago, don’t work anymore nowadays.

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Therefore, we have decided to list down best myths and truths about technology that will surely surprise you.

1) Don’t Use Cell Phone While Charging

SO, do you use your cell phone while it was set to charge? You better leave this habit. Actually, using our smartphone while charging increases the temperature which can damage the battery. So, it’s a truth, that you shouldn’t use your smartphone while charging.

2) Leaving Phone In The Socket For A Long Time Will Damage The Battery?

What do you think about this? Well, leaving our smartphone in the socket for a long time can damage our battery. However, due to lithium-ion batteries, this fact is considered as a Myth! Nowadays, smartphones come with Lithium-ion batteries which is more resistant and doesn’t suffer from this type of problems.

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3) Rice Helps To Dry our Smartphone if it fell into the water?

It is the truth! Rice absorbs moisture. Therefore, if you have accidentally dropped your smartphone into the water, you need to open up the battery and put it in a pot with enough rice inside it. However, you must apply proper care to restrict the rice entering into the charging port or 3.5mm port.

4) You need to fully recharge your new smartphone before using It

Most of us still choose to charge their new smartphone before using it. However, it’s a Myth! You don’t need to worry about doing the first recharge of the battery before using it. This had no link with the performance or life of the smartphone.

5) Don’t Use Your Smartphone, until it went off!

This is actually true and everyone must apply it. Modern smartphone batteries work with charging cycles and every time you choose to use your smartphone until it went off, the battery loses an entire cycle. Therefore, it’s recommended to charge your smartphone as soon as it reaches the 20% mark.

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Did you know any more truths or myths regarding the technology? Share it with us in the comment box below.

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