Text Tracking Software: How to Spy on Someone’s Text Messages Using XNSPY?

According to an estimate, over 200,000 SMSs are sent around the globe in every second. That’s a lot, considering the rise of instant messaging apps, but it seems texting hasn’t lost its vigor yet. In fact, it is still one of the most popular ways for people to communicate in the private mode with others at any given time. However, the problem arises when people fail to use this medium appropriately. For instance, employees using it to engage in non-work-related tasks or to pull off a malicious deal with competitors.

Children using it to connect with strangers and partners using it cheat on their significant other. Keeping a sharp eye on someone’s SMS messages may seem like a daunting task to many because people rarely leave their cell phones unattended these days. Thanks to advancement in surveillance tech the rules of the game have changed now. Tracking text messages is no longer an issue. All you need is a reliable SMS tracking app like xnspy.com to view the content of the messages from the palm of your hand. Here are few useful tips to use XNSPY to your advantage.

How Can XNSPY Help You Monitor Others’ Text Messages Secretly?

XNSPY is a comprehensive text tracking software which allows users to see how their employees, family members or kids are using mobile devices. Once installed, the program instantly starts monitoring all the text messages. You can see all the sent and received messages together with contact, date, and time stamps.

1) The Tinder Messaging Monitoring App users can view the uploaded information by accessing ‘Text Messages’ on the dashboard under ‘Phone Log’ tab to observe the texting behavior of their employees, loved ones, and children.

2) View the name or number of the contacts and highlight the ones which seem suspicious to you. By viewing messages details, you can easily determine when exactly the target has sent or received the messages.
3) Save the messages as a piece of evidence to confront the target if you find the monitored person guilty of something.

4) XNSPY can even show deleted text messages if the software uploads they were expunged.

5) It can even upload messages and call recordings present on the device before the app is installed.

6) You can also search text messages across time, date, for particular keywords, or by the person.

How Can XNSPY Save You Time, Money and Headaches?

1) Knowing when your partner has been invited to cheat can allow you to take prompt action before any permanent damage is done.

2) Discovering when your staff member has been asked to leak confidential information can not only help you protect your company but also save you hundred and thousands of dollars.

3) Learning when you child is invited to a slumber party will enable you to ensure they won’t sneak out.

Is This All You Need to Spy on Someone’s Text Messages?

The answer is ‘No’ for sure. Today, people are using many acronyms when texting one another. You may have heard of LOL that refers to ‘laughing out loud’ and the term ASAP that has been around even before the advent of text messages and the internet. Then, there are acronyms which can be sounded out such as H8r for hater and L8r for later. But what about abbreviations you can barely guess?

These abbreviations are used as a way to code a secret message so others won’t be able to discern what is being discussed. And you won’t be able to find any solid evidence even if you are using similar text tracking software. For instance, a quick message to a contact that says CD9 means code 9: parents are watching so the recipient knows he or she cannot discuss anything inappropriate. To decode such messages, you need to know the exact meanings of acronyms that are used in text messages.

Here is a list of some frequently used acronyms:-

1) ASL – Asking an unknown person for their Age, Sex, and Location

2) BF or GF – Boyfriend or Girlfriend

3) BFF – Best Friends Forever

4) BRB – Be Right Back

5) B4N or BFN – Bye for Now

6) BTW – By the Way

7) FML – F*** my Life

8) F2F – Face to Face

9) FTW – F*** the World

10) GTG or G2G – Got to Go

11) GR8 – Great

12) HO – Hold On

13) IDK – I Don’t Know

14) IDC – I Don’t Care

15) IWALY – I Will Always Love You

16) ILY or ILU – I Love You

17) IMO or IMHO – In My Opinion or In My Humble Opinion

18) JP – Just Playing

19) LMAO – Laughing My A** Off

20) MYOB – Mind Your Own Business

21) NM or NVM – Never Mind

22) OMG – Oh my God

23) POS – Parent over Shoulder

24) RME – Rolling my Eyes

25) ROTFL – Rolling on the Floor, Laughing

26) STFU – Shut the F*** Up

27) SMH – Shaking my Head

28) S2R or STR – Send to Receive

29) TTYL – Talk to You Later

30) TY – Thank You

31) UR – You Are or You’re

32) WTF – What the F***

33) WE – Whatever

34) YW – You’re Welcome

35) WTG – Way to Go

There are loads of unique codes and different variations of acronyms which people use to send inside jokes or have secret conversations. By understanding what acronyms stand for and how they are being used it’ll get a lot easier for you to track or confront a target.

By: Jacob Mason

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