Apple’s Next Flagship Is The iPhone X, Not The iPhone 8

Apple's Next Flagship Is The iPhone X, Not The iPhone 8

Apple’s Next Flagship Is The iPhone X, Not The iPhone 8

When everything seemed to indicate that Tim Cook would introduce us in the September keynote the iPhone 8, rumors now indicate that the name chosen by the tech giant Apple to designate its anniversary model would be nothing more and nothing less than the iPhone X.

iPhone X, the name chosen for the tenth-anniversary flagship device

A reliable media source close to the tech giant Apple has provided some details about the name of the new Apple iPhone. As manifested, they have very good information sources that say that the name assigned to this model would be the iPhone X.

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This denomination had been taken into account from the beginning when the hype around the successor of the iPhone 7 began to be generated, but later it was started to call iPhone 8 in the great majority of the specialized sites in the culture of products of Apple.

This same source ensures that the names that will have the models presented would be, specifically, the iPhone X for the top model and iPhone 8 for the successor to the iPhone 7S. In addition, the equitable to the iPhone 7s Plus would be called iPhone 8 Plus.

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The truth is that there are very few days left for us to attend the event that will focus the eyes of the whole world. As recently we knew the date of the keynote, which will take place on September 12 at the Steve Jobs Theater of Apple’s new campus.

Finally, it is likely that on that day we will also attend the presentation of other products of the American company, such as a new Apple Watch, a new version of Apple TV with support for 4K and new AirPods. But, without a doubt, all the glances will be placed on Tim Cook and the iPhone that he carries in his hands.

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