5 Biggest Enemies Of Your Smartphone’s Battery

5 Biggest Enemies Of Your Smartphone's Battery

5 Biggest Enemies Of Your Smartphone’s Battery

5 Biggest Enemies Of Your Smartphone’s Battery: Without any hesitation. the most common complaints from smartphone users are about the lack of battery life. If you own an Android or iPhone, you probably will not leave home any longer without carrying a power bank or charger together.

However, if you feel that you are alone bearing all these problems, then let me tell you this type of situation is more common than you can think. However, the good thing is you can take few steps that can improve the battery life of your smartphone.

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Here in this article, we will talk about 5 biggest enemies of your smartphone’s battery. Therefore, make sure to defeat those enemies or it will end up eating your battery.

1) Screen Brightness

It looks old, but it is always good to reinforce that the strong brightness of the cell phone screen is one of the biggest enemies of the battery. he the stronger the brightness is, the more battery will be consumed. And, let’s face it, you don’t need the screen at full brightness all the time.

You can adjust the brightness to a point where you can see the smartphone screen well. The brightness can be adjusted easily in Android and iPhones.

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2) Live or Static Wallpapers

All right, we know that the live or static wallpapers are interesting and give our smartphone an extraordinary look. However, the problem is that the effect shown when moving the cell phone ends up consuming battery, so maybe it’s good to turn it off.

3) Widgets

Few widgets like time, notes are okay. However, those weather widgets consume battery life as it enables the GPS of your phone. You can move out and look for the weather.

If you own some widgets that are not so used, why keep them? To remove them, just slide your finger on their screen and uninstall them one by one.

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4) Charging Your Smartphone From Computer

Did you know that charging your smartphone to your computer using the USB cable can harm the battery? It turns out that the power fluctuates a lot at the USB input and which causes the phone to overheat, shortening the battery life. The best is to charge directly into the power outlet, okay?

5) Extreme temperatures

Heat and battery do not match! Therefore, avoid leaving the phone exposed in the sun or in the car on hot days, this harms the battery life.

Even when a smartphone is very hot, it turns itself off. The same thing goes for very cold temperatures also. Therefore, make sure to avoid leaving your smartphones under extreme temperatures.

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These are the five biggest enemies of your smartphone’s battery. By beating those enemies you can keep your cell phone’s battery healthy and can ensure that it will last for a long time!

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