6 Ways To Make Your Smartphone’s Battery Last Longer

6 Ways To Make Your Smartphone's Battery Last Longer

6 Ways To Make Your Smartphone’s Battery Last Longer

6 Ways To Make Your Smartphone’s Battery Last Longer: We often question why the smartphone’s battery runs out so fast. It is expected that each battery has its lifespan when this term passes you need to take more care. We’ve researched and chosen some compelling tips to make your battery last longer.

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Here are the 6 incredible tips on making your smartphone’s battery last longer:

1) Test Your Battery

Test the battery first by determining battery usage time and standby time. When doing this test, you will know if the battery is damaged or not.

Usage time is the entire time of the phone has been used since the last full charge. For example, when you are making a phone call, browsing, listening to music, or when certain apps are working in the background.

Standby time is the total time you’ve powered your Phone since its last full charge. Includes time of use and sleep time. Let the test begin.

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2) Turn Off The Bluetooth 

Now that you’ve disconnected, notice the performance of your phone’s battery. If the battery acts usually, that’s fine. That means the battery of your phone is still good. All you need to do is control how to use the Bluetooth feature intelligently – be wise enough to turn it off when you’re not using it.

3) Turn off location services for Apps

Certain apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Gmail and few more uses Location services to find the location. This service uses GPS, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, which need more control.

In addition, the other feature that is generally used by these messaging and social media applications is the Background Refresh.

This feature permits apps to refresh their content in the background. So. it also needs the Internet connection and can empty the battery.

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4) Update The Apps

Sometimes battery dilemmas are not caused by the battery itself. The outdated application can create the problem. So before you decide to replace the battery, try updating all the apps on your phone. The update very often includes fixes that may be the reason your phone’s battery drains quickly.

5) Do not charge your battery for short periods

One misconception that many people make in the day-to-day life is to charge the cell phone for short periods of time just to secure a little more charge. This can bring problems to the battery in the future which may last less.

Of course doing this from time to time in situations becomes necessary, but avoid doing it regularly. If you’re running out of time and want to make sure your battery will charge a little faster, just turn on airplane mode, which will briefly shut down many apps and services that consume lots of battery power.

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6) Reset all settings

Resetting all settings will wipe all the disorders on your device. Set it back to factory defaults. These settings include home screen layout, language, keyboard, location, privacy, and much more.

Few Other Simple Tips:

  • Reduce screen brightness.
  • Let the phone unload completely and turn it on again.
  • Use The Power Saving Mode.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi when you’re not using it.
  • Use headphones instead of a speaker when listening to audio or music.

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These are the few incredible tips on making your smartphone’s battery last longer. Hope you like the post, share it as much as possible.

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