How To Increase Battery Life Of Your Android Smartphone

Smartphones are getting more and more advanced. We use them for watching videos, listening to music, browse the internet, play games, click photos and much more and of course for attending a call.

How To Increase Battery Life Of Your Android Smartphone

If you always run short of battery at the end of the day, then this collection of Android apps can help. They are quite useful, even if you have a combined function that helps save energy to the device. They are similar at some points, but each of them has some features that make it unique.


Let me describe you Greenify in simple words. Greenify works by hibernating the apps running in the background to consume less energy. You can set priorities for the apps that can stay in the background for longer, or that can simply be closed after a few minutes.

Go Battery Saver

Go Battery Saver & Power Widget keeps an eye on your apps to decide which ones impact the most on battery power. By clicking the “Optimize” button, it cleans up any unnecessary apps that are currently consuming resources.

Avast Battery Saver

Avast Battery Saver increases your battery life by stopping apps that you aren’t using and optimizing your device settings. It also has 4 pre-defined profiles: Home, Work, Night and emergency mode, which simplify everything.

DU Battery Saver

This is an attractive app that brings well-organized information to the screen. It also brings you some pre-defined profiles, like home or work and just like the others, you can also create other profiles. It also lets you see which apps are consuming more battery power, or which can be suspended without impacting performance.

Battery Doctor (Power Saver)

This app is now used by over 330 million users worldwide which make it a perfect choice when it comes to battery saving. It provides a 1-tap optimization feature which stops all the apps that are consuming power in the background.

These were our five application tips for you to save energy. And do you know others? Tell us in the comment section below.

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